how long does it take for blood to pool after death

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    At the moment of death, blood stops flowing because the heart is not beating and pushing it out. It would depend on the size of the body, how much blood was in the body, the area of the wound and the positioning of the body as to how long it would take to exit the body. I bet external temperature would play a factor too. I'm not a forensic scientist so I can't really help much.

    My sympathies on the loss of your son.
    It would have been better to include that in the question rather than gets angry.
    smart ass i'm trying to find answers about my son's death

    @barbsnewfs, I am sorry for your loss.
    Guess you're really anxious to get an answer on this.
    country bumpkin

    Remind me not to go to barbsnewfs for dinner. lol
    There are a lot of forensic sites where you can get info, some charge money, some are free. I'm very sorry for your loss. Good Luck.

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