why are drivers cautioned to maintained some distance between moving vehicals

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    Because the vehicle in front of you might slam on their brakes and you won't be able to stop in time and then you will be eating your windshield.

    safty,,braking's reconmended that for every ten mph you drive you should add a vehicle length between you and the car in frount of you..ex. at 60 mph you should have six car lenghts between you and the car in frount of you
    you are lucky it is only a caution in my state you are booked for tailgating.
    perhaps they should put the brake lights on the frount of cars!
    it certainly would help out the pedestrines.......
    Daren is correct but impossible to do what he suggests as few people can judge distance.
    The most affective way to maintain safe distance is the two second method. As the vehicle in front of you passes a fixed object, a post, tar spot on the road you count two seconds by saying 1 chimpanzee 2 chimpanzees in a normal speaking speed. As you finish counting the front of your car should be at the selected fixed point.

    Don`t like monkeying around? use "a thousand one a thousand and two"

    peoplelover, you know, just as i do what happens when there is at least one car space in front of you, the 'P' platers will claim it.

    I do not, I have been on "P" plates since 1949.

    One day I will pass the test.

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