Do we have a fair taxation system?

    You know, I often feel like our tax system is all wrong. Rich people getting a lot of benefits which really have no effect on their lives while the poor suffer from the injustice.
    Am I right?

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    well if you think poor people pay fed. tax get real if you make under $6,500 you don't pay a dime in tax time you get earn income credit clild tax credit hell you could get back as mush as $5,000 so poor people don't pay a damn dime in tax bunch of free loader's do you get food stamp's to hell yea you do

    The rich are easy to demonize because they are a minority, when in truth they pay the largest percent in taxes. If you make 500k a year youi are paying about 50% of your income in federal,state,local and hidden taxes.The Federal Government spending is out of control and unsubstainable. Politicians derive their control by pitting groups against each other.Dont tax you, dont tax me, tax that guy behind the tree.The Dept. of HHRs budget this year (inflation adjusted) is larger than the entire budget for 1965.The tax system is broken and riddeled with exemptions bought and paid for by lobbyist. It is time for the Fair Tax, an inclusive sales tax that would take power away from politicians. It would do away with the IRS and Social Security. Michael Bonnecarrere


    In fact, we should not have an IRS, BECAUSE IT'S NOT FEDERAL.

    Check out the question is income tax legal, I don't think it is. The average American pays over 50 percent of their income in taxes. When all is said and done we have tax on almost everything we buy or consume. The Boston tea party started just over tax on tea, no look at how much we are paying. Not fair at all. We don't even know where most of out taxes go. Do you?

    In a word NO

    Banks run the world through lending money to governments and charging interest. The system we live in is a perpetual energy sucker for people.. this is meant to keep people spiritual slaves, always working for someone else, always needing to find happiness, rather than spiritual enlightenment. Your third eye is already half open, just give it a push. Think of that space on your forehead, imagine an eye opening, let the light in. ~

    NO. YOU ARE NOT RIGHT. We do not have a fair tax system. A fair tax system would treat ALL groups the same. I think it should be a "sales"- tax - type. If you buy, you pay. If you don't, or can't buy, you don't pay. You, who want to complain about the Rich should look at that. The rich would buy more and they would pay more. Of course, they ALREADY DO, but you don't give voice to that.


    To me, a fair tax system would be by percentages. Everything you buy will be put into that. It makes it fair. The only problem would be at what percentage.

    Death and taxes, both are inevitable, but neither is looked forward to

    yes, It sure seems that way. Out of our five dollars an hour we probaly get two dollars an hour to live on.

    tax is never fair my friend,You have no idea what they do which that money?


    Sure you do, it goes into very deep pockets.

    We are taxed to over the top, with almost half of our pay going to pay income tax. Then we pay tax on everything from used clothing to toilet paper.There are union dues and E.I. C.p.p, etc. Minimum wage needs to start rising in accordance with the cost of living. It is absolutely out of hand. Poor bashing has become a sport to some. Walk a mile in my shoes is an advocacy group representing single mothers. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth and though there are some that have started out with nothing and become relatively wealthy.Not all get the same opportunity. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing. It is easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to give up any earthly possessions including money.

    Kathleen Atkinson

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