Why are the 50 and 60 year olds being discriminated in this country when it comes to jobs that need experience and confidant people?


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    experienced, sorry about to get sleepy.
    Ms Sinclair

    Good question SG.

    Excellent question Spacey.

    Thank you Ms. Sinclair and varon, greatly appreciated.

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    Because hiring someone younger is cheaper plus they have no seniority so they'll put up with more B.S.
    ed shank

    Excellent point. Who do they come to when the s**T hits the fan? The seasoned ones.

    That's right, they always do.
    they think we too old to take care of business. they want someone younger with more energy and less respect that bounce from job to job. they dont want people like us that know the ropes, and have made careers of our workplace with pride and self respect
    Younger people are afraid of us older generation because they lack self confidence in themselves and they don't like the idea of us older generation around to show them up in other words we intimidate the youngens thats my opinion
    ed shank

    Well said.
    It's the same in Australia.
    older people have better work ethics,more pride in doing a good job,but unfortunately most employers are not concerned with that.......too bad for them...
    Ms Sinclair hit the nail on the head, younger is cheaper. It stinks but it happens everywhere. My husbands boss is 20 years younger than him. Good Luck!

    Thanks Black3, I know the feeling, my boss is the same age as my daughter, but he is a good boss. I'm just hoping I can better myself.

    Hey Black3, we are the same age, that's alright, my friend.

    yea, it's tough getting old isn't it? Funny in my mind I forget then my body reminds me.
    Thanks my friends for ALL the wonderful answers, I gave all of you Thumbs Up. It's a new company coming to Northern North Carolina, and I'm qualified for a lot of the jobs available, just HOPING my age doesn't play a factor. Again thank you wonderful people for your answers.

    My best wishes to you and good luck Spacey

    Thanks so much varon, I'm going to need it.
    50 and 60 year old people eventually made a descent buck, after years of service. The average time one stays at a job today is three years. Young people today are superficial, they want to put on a good front with nothing behind them. They think they are smarter, when in fact they are stupid as stupid is. This upcoming generation will be the death of our country. They lack morality, fortitude, and common sense.

    Amen ed, you're so right, the next generation is definitely in for a ROUGH ride. Thank you for your input.
    b/c they like to tout around their young, pretty girls with big boobs. They think it's good for business. And for years, they wouldn't put on a female newscaster that wore glasses either.
    Hopefully Sarah Palin will change all that b/c she wears glasses beautifully.
    One thing for sure...they are PISSED OFF!
    thks.6dogs for is 3 am here,what is it where you are?

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