Airport Groping?yes or No.

    I guess my question is;Would you rather be 'Groped'or blown up or flown into a building? Or would you just stay at home?
    I myself usually have to virtually undress because of all the metal I wear not to mention the metal that is holding various parts of my anatomy together.It is a bloody nuiscence but then I have never been involved in a hi-jacking.This question inspired by comment from Colleen.Thank You.

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    I don't mind any type of security check but it's not to catch terrorists if you think about it, its for the convenience of the passengers that they can see the plane is safe.

    if a terrorist wanted to blow up a plane and/or had a weapon, I seriously doubt they would stand in line and be checked out. if for that matter, who said they must be on a plane in the first place, standing in line waiting to be checked out is a heavy concentration of people, why not pull the string or press the button there??while standing in line awaiting security check.

    The concept that they will find anything would probably be from an innocent passenger that forgot to put their scissors in a suitcase. Not terrorists.

    IMO, I do think another attack in eminent but I do not think it will be on an aircraft again, that would be totally stupid. There will be attempts by idiots so a vigil should be continued to find shoe bombers, underwear bombers etc., but an 'organized' attack I just don't think it will be on a plane.

    I agree.But I guess they need to be seen to be doing something about it.
    PS.Do you really think another attack is eminent on the anniversary 9/11?
    I wore my kilt at Heathrow airport, they didn't know how to "pat" me down! they did find out something they only ever wondered about! ;-)

    A scotsman was asked,"What's worn under the kilt".
    His reply,"Nothing,Everything is in perfect working order".
    You know my answer. I'll just be one of the thousands of people who refuse to fly and have my rights taken from me and subjected to the same groping they give criminals. Airlines are going broke and people have lost their jobs due to cut backs because of the government ballooned threat of terrorists. Why do they not grope people boarding trains and cruise ships, or entering federal buildings? Do terrorists favor airplanes over all else when deciding to attack a nation? Why only airplanes?
    Because the government uses 9-11 to keep the fear alive and strip Americans of their right to privacy. Don't worry, it won't be long before they find a reason to take away another right.

    How many terrorists have they caught in an airport or attempting to board a plane since 9-11?

    How many highjackers caused the destruction of planes and human lives before 9-11?
    9-11 created Homeland Security. How many rights have we lost to that illegal government maneuver? Yes, I believe some of the conspiracy theories. 9-11 could not have happened without inside help.

    It's all a snow job and I refuse to allow my rights to be infringed apon because of a snow job. I'll simply not fly and those of you who continue to fly can give up your rights and absorb the cost of the money lost due to thousands of others like me refusing to fly. Safe flight all. :)
    I have no objection to being checked at airports prior to depature.
    I have never been groped but one has to live in hope.

    Come to the US. Apparently the gropers are all here in our airports. It's gotten so bad, Texas is fighting the whole grope everyone rule. A state sating NO to the government. You know there's a problem when this happens.

    I wonder how many men who say they don't mind getting groped would freak out of they found out the male with his hands around their privates was gay. LOL I'd laugh my ass off.

    What is that old saying? Oh yes, if you haven`t tried it don`t knock it. xx
    better start checking all these illegal aliens, you see two people jailed for transporting them. who knows how many more are right in our own backyards, waiting. watching.
    I think i'd rather be groped. it's only few seconds of torture then i have my freedom again :)

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