How is Islam different?

    What are the principal differences between Islam and the other two main monotheistic religions; Christianity and Judaism?

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    Islam is different cos it's practised by a group of weirdos hell bent on controlling the world by force and denying women of any rights and blowing themselves and innocent people up You never see the leaders being suicide bombers do you??

    a) The time of appearance. Judaism is the oldest of these three religions, then comes Christendom and then Islam.
    b) Although the three credos have a common origin (see old testament) and share various characters (in Islam, Jesus is considered a prophet), the rules of conduct they set up and the rites are very different from one another.

    For more detailed info, I hope someone else shows up here.

    Before Muhammad died this great religious leader supposedly wrote the Koran (Qu'ran, meaning that which is uttered) which in part, is a collection of fragments of other beliefs. Muhammad reportedly went into a seizure prior to reciting the book. This book in turn was then copied with true fundamentalist fervour and is, according to Islamic scholars, as good a record of the original as possible. Of course, for the most part, having been copied from other beliefs and altered to suit, many of the stories are in parallel to the Old Testament. Such as Abraham having two wives, one named Sarah and one called Haggai. The Koran tells us that Haggai having given birth to Abraham's child was sent off into the wilderness where her offspring became the fore fathers of the Arabs.
    In fact, much interbreeding still occurred in Muhammad's day between Jews and Arabs and thus traditions were easily passed on, such as Old Testament stories. It is plainly obvious upon reading the Koran and the Old Testament that they are intrinsically linked together both in content and spiritual ideology.

    Islam originated from the moon god, thus notice the moon on many Arab flags, it borrowed from Judaism, and Christianity, hoping to convert Christians, Jews, and Arabs, into one religion. It views Jesus only as a prophet and denies the trinity of God. It was originally believed to be the same God as the Christians and Jews, but now is viewed to be the God of this world.

    There are over 40 different versions of the Koran and very few match verse to verse or chapter to chapter like the Bible. The Bible is considered by experts to be historically accurate, while the Koran is much less organized or reliable.

    Chritianity and Judaism does not perpetrate authorized killings and tortures on their females and children, nor do they attempt to control all others of different faiths,which defines the practices better known in tbe Islam venacular, as Sharia Law.

    Its always been my belief never to get involved with religion or politics because it will always lead to arguments. People of all religions will always have a different point of view, ie my god is better than your god, my religion is the original etc etc, as has been proved by the posts above, we all have different beliefs about our own religion, and one thing that bothers me about islam, is the fact that you never see any women going to a mosque, never see them socialising in pubs clubs restaurants etc, and i find a lot of the women are actually gpoing against the grain. Integration is the answer, but will the islamist allow it, we have segregated schools of all religions, and that is wrong, they should allow all religions, in all schools, and teach the kids about every thing there is learn..and let them when theyre older choose the one they want..and not brainwash them in to believing the religion their parents follow is the best..but it will be a difficult job.

    Islam is not...defferent,,,,

    He is Allah the One and Only; (1) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; (2) He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; (3) And there is none like unto Him.

    Actually, Islam is no different than the other two religions (at least, at the origin).

    Islam says that all 3 major religions have the same root : the same God.

    but today, they are different because the predecessors (Christians and Jews) modified the instructions God sent them. so, islam's goal is to restore the original message sent to the previous 2 groups.

    Islam is not violent.

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