Should the abortion debate be solved this way?

    If you are the father of a fetus that is carried by an unwilling mother, then the father should be the one to cary the rejected child to term. A woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body and that should include aborting a fetus that can be carried to term by a man.

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    Come on, Robert. Men giving birth is ridiculous.

    It is obvious that some folk would take away a persons rights to choose how their body is to function if at all. Because the issue focuses on abortion as a human rights issue, the bent is on the rights of an adult person vs an unborn fetus. Since we have options about how to deal with the problem, the human rights issue is reduced to a choice of fetus carriers rather than one of enforcing pregnancy to term with the original pregnancy. So an expectant woman may choose to abort for any reason and another person may serve as the fetus carrier to term. Thus transferring the responsibility to those willing to assume responsibility. Nature has provided guidance examples for this process in multiple examples in nature already. So those men who object to a woman’s choice for abortion step forward to assume the position.

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    I would not have a child carry a baby to term. Do you know how many young teens are getting pregnant now a days because they know how to make babies as young as 8 years old now? This all use to be a mystery until dumb ass parents decided kids have a right to know how babies are made. Because sex is all over the TV, the internet, the ,movies. Now children are out there making babies, more so than any other time in history. Sex is everywhere. It's even on here, adults flapping about it, talking about it, describing it in detail. One description that is better suited for for a porn site but it's from 2 months ago so it stays (gspot thread). There are children on this site, it's an open forum. I've mentioned this only to have someone tell me, their parents should be watching the kid is on the internet. Some parents are STUPID! They do not watch their kids! So let's be responsible for the stupid parents and not educate their kids on how to have sex. Kids having kids because adults are telling them how. Better to abort if the child is 12 years old. Or even 16 yrs old if no one in her family wants to raise it. It'll just end up being a welfare baby with it's mother sucking off the system for the next 18 years while she pumps out more kids because she'll learn it pays to have babies. There are still too many babies/kids in the US looking for homes and not enough prolifers willing to adopt them. Prolifers just happy that even though the child is unhappy and without a family, at least it's alive....Some life.

    Adults can be just as stupid as children so end up pregnant because, well it was only one time or he thought she was on birth control or, they're ignorant and just don't care about using protection. Stupid people should not have children because they end up raising stupid children who also go out and have children while they're still a child themselves. Because they had stupid parents.

    No one wants to adopt the babies out there now.

    Redeyedwolf eluded to prolifers adopting the unwanted babies. I've mentioned the same myself in past debate. How come prolifers don't line up to adopt these babies they claim have a right to live? All talk and no action. I have lesbian friends, a couple and they have adopted 3 children so far, all from a drug addicted woman who has sex for money. The state does nothing about her. This lesbian couple adopt these children because non of the straight people want them. Trust me, the state agency has tried hard to place these babies with the good straight people so they can have a mommy and daddy but non of them want babies born with health issues.

    This is not the first story I've heard like this either. It won't be the last. Straights are always looking for the perfect family, the perfect baby. Gays just want a family. Why do people fight gays being able to adopt children? I bet these same people are prolifers but have never adopted a child themselves. At least these kids are getting homes where they are loved and cared for. But this is another subject all together.

    I do not believe Soul is present at the moment of conception or even 30 days later. Abortion during the first few weeks in my mind is not murder because without Soul, there is no life anyway.

    It's a woman's prerogative what happens to her body. If a man never wants to face this, then he can keep it in his pants until he marries the woman and makes damn sure she wants children.

    Who backs the drive to have adoption made illegal? Who is out there lobbying? Which religion spear heads the dive? Check it out. How many of those God fearing people are lining up to take on unwanted children? How many of you people here who claim abortion is murder have adopted an unwanted child?

    Get your noses out of other people's business unless you're willing to take on the consequences of their actions.

    Now, as for the boy/guy who is willing to take on a child he helps to create but the girl/woman is unwilling to go through with the pregnancy, again I say, it's her prerogative. It's her body. If you do not ever want to go through this, do not get a girl/woman pregnant unless you're married to her and she agrees she wants children.
    To answer the question, NO. This debate will go on long after we are all dead. Abortion is wrong in MY opinion. At one time in my life my views were different. If suddenly tomorrow I lost my faith, my feelings about abortion will be the same. Take the Law out of the issue, and look at it from a Moral perspective, the willful termination of human life is murder.

    I added a few lines to the comments

    and how many kids have u adopted ?
    ed shank

    @Redeyedwolf. Your obviously Pro choice. I'm not shoving my opinions down your or anyone else's throat. It is my opinion. As far as adopting a child goes, my schedule and age simply would not permit it. It would not be a proper environment to raise a small child.
    Fathers that don't pay, a fair amount to raise the child and pay for the medical bills relating to the birth should do hard labor and all pay should go to the child until that child is raised.

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    Can anyone explain to me why abortions occur given the various contraceptive methods available today INCLUDING the morning after pill ?

    I added a few lines to the comments above

    I've wondering that for a lllooonnnggg time too

    I didn't notice anything pertinent to my question.(in response to Robert's comment about added lines)
    ed shank

    I've read it, but I don't believe it. Men do not bear children.

    Shocking consideration ed. The world is changing…get a grip.
    ed shank

    @robertgrist. The world is changing. Human physiology is not.
    Robert and Redeye, You haven't answered my question so I'll ask it again:

    Can anyone explain to me why abortions occur given the various contraceptive methods available today INCLUDING the morning after pill ? The morning after pill is effective up to 72 hours following intercourse. In instances of rape or incest, which pro-choice advocates keep defaulting to, pregnancy is safely and effectively avoided. So again, I ask you, why abortion ?

    I actually thought the anti-abortionist were decent people with the agenda of making it easier for women to carry their fetus to term responsibly, I never realized the true nature of the anti-abortionist is to punish women for making unwise choices and denying them a reasonable solution to their problems. The fact that they are not dealing with the issue of child support or support of unwed mothers makes the anti-abortionist nothing more than sadistic…those who derive pleasure from the pain and torture of others.

    Robert, why are you choosing to evade answering my question? Is it because it trumps your argument?
    the woman also has a responsibility to herself and others, take birth control or some other type of preventative measures. wouldnt think about abortion if you take care of business in the right way.
    Red eyed, your answer or comment is very confusing. First of all, most anti abortionists DO carry their child to full term. Sencondly, why would the '' bible thumpers '' think it is wrong, as you say, for '' all the wives to carry the child to full term" ? NO, " Bible Thumpers'' do NOT '' think it's wrong for the wives to carry the child to full term " amd
    Thirdly, why do you refer to a woman who is pregnant, as being a wife ?
    My forth point....Why would a " bible thumper" , as you say, ask their husband to adopt their child, when it IS his child ?
    Your comment makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

    I added a few lines to the comments

    Where are the lines you added ?

    I think he (red eyed) means, let the pro lifers take on the child. Remove the fetus and place it in a pro lifers womb to carry it to term. I guess he's assuming all pro lifers are married so their husbands would have to adopt the child and take care of it until it was of legal age.

    and bible thumpers i mean the one who are agaist abortion and as u read it it was thier wives who would carry the baby of the women who wanted the abortion. so yes thier husband would have to adopt the kid. the anti abortionish would have to carry not their own child but the womens child who wanted the abortion. so yes the husband would have to adopt the child. if u dont want abortions to happen go and adopt the kids which will never happen look at all the kids who are in adoption agancey waiting for a mom and dad do we real want more ???
    How is a man going to carry the fetus to term ?

    I added a few lines to the comments
    i will go one better have all the anti abortionish carry the kid to full term also all the bible thumpers who think its wrong have all the wives carry the child to full term and have thier husbands adopt the child and provide for it till the kid is 18 or 21

    REDEYEDWOI do you have kids?

    I added a few lines to the comments

    JDB yes i do have a kid
    The only unwilling mother is one that was raped.

    by unwilling, I think he means ---unwilling to carry the child to term....meaning -- she wants to abort the baby

    I added a few lines to the comments
    Headless Man

    What I mean is, if the woman wasn't unwilling to have sex with a man she wasn't married to or maybe only knew for a short time, then she shouldn't blame the baby and kill it, yes I believe a fetus in a baby.
    think it should be left up to the woman,she is the one that goes thru all the pain.
    Headless Man

    She didn't think of the pain when she laid with the man.
    No pleasure no pain.

    for Randy and how many children have u adopted now a raped victum or incest vitum didnt have any pleasure so why should they go threw the pain but im pretty sure u didnt think of that

    i think abortion should come to victims of rape or incest or diseases of life or death. but not to the unprotected promiscuous. after all, the moment of conception that child has a SOUL

    I do not agree the Soul enters at the moment of conception. Do you believe Soul is as small as a pin head? Really? There's nothing for the Soul to enter into yet. Think about it!

    If soul is spiritual or "a spirit" , and distinct from the physical properties of the being, then physical size , even "as small as a pinhead" is irrelevant.

    Colleen, on what grounds do you think size matters other than subjective personal opinion?

    digger, when you understand Soul, then you will have the answer. Have you ever seen Soul? I have.

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