What kind of trees do those black, spiky balls come from? What are the balls called?

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    Depends upon where you live.. The Sweet gum tree also has spiny ball for seen pods. THey are dark brown.
    Horse Chestnut tree and the balls are called Conkers.

    Ever played conkers Maz? I heard about it on one of my visits to UK. Third visit next October, maybe we can hook up and you teach me how to play conkers.

    Played conkers many times as a child. Skewer a hole though the middle of a conker, tie a knot at the end of a boot lace thread though and your ready to do battle with your opponent. We would often soak the conker in vinegar to harden it up but whether it really did or not is a different matter! Can you believe that many schools in the UK have banned conker due to health & saftey reasons. Sad!
    Hi Jenn, i live in England (UK) and I am surrounded by Horse Chestnut trees. I have never heard of a Sweet Gum Tree. I wonder where you live?

    Sweet gum is also known as Liquidambar. Attractive tree especially autumn colours of leaves.
    Plane tree also has spiky ball seen pods. the plane has light colour bark coming off in plaques.

    Thanks for the info.

    I live in Oklahoma and we have sweet gum trees here, and they have hard spiky balls fall off the trees every fall. You don't want to step on them without shoes. they are really sharp.

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