Is global climate change man-made?

    I know there's an ongoing debate on this issue. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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    Watch a show (currently in between seasons) called 'How the Earth was made' on History channel. Every so often you'll get a show about ice ages or previous climate changes on Earth. Climate change was happening for millions of years before humans showed up. We're just making it a lot worse.

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    climate change is a man made hoax exploited through the media and conspired to implement more taxes on the world and yes we gotcha again !!

    I lean toward the yes

    My currant studies say No.

    oceans have shifted countrys split apart. The met office always say its the worst since 1824 or some other date so its happened before just look back too the ice age. Man is contributing with carbons and oil spills etc. But man is constantly also looking for other planets too survive in if and when the time comes. The rich will be first and we will become slaves too the bible .the lord says all this will happen,when people stop believing great floods, earthquakes then apparently the stars will fade and no one will notice then the sun will go out. When we least expect it the apocolispe will be upon us. ooh


    jensterfication settle down and take some happy pills we are what we think

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