Are cell phones dangerous?

    I just read that the rate of brain cancer actually dropped over the past 10 years. Does that mean that cell phone are safe after all?

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    Agreed- Safe. Up, up, up

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    I dropped my phone and when I turned around I tripped over it and broke my nose. Yes a cell phone is dangerous LOL

    Throw in a car.......YES.

    Cell phones are definitely dangerous! To your wallet that is! I did however read something similar to what you state concerning some sort of brain activity that was not considered to be bad regarding cell phones. It sounded like there was some "good" activity going on but it seems to me that any input/stimuli to your brain would cause similar activity. Just don't know. If anyone has read/heard the same can they elaborate?

    If they told you the truth.Would you quit using them.Our government has not told us the truth.About area 51 and they just signed a bill to keep it secret.So do you believe what they say.

    ole hipster

    Nope, never really have, never really will!

    From what I have read, it used to be a concern 5+ years back. Now the data I have seen shows no correlation between cell phone use and brain cancer. Looks like unbiased data points to it being safe.

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