Is the death penalty effective?

    has it reduced crime rate? Is it worth the cost of losing innocent lives? Is it moral at all?

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    I think the key word in your question is "innocent".

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    I do believe in the death penalty I do not however condone or believe in someone being on death row for as much as 10, 15 or 20 years and us taxpayers paying for it. Even the bible and God believes in the death penalty. That is what is wrong with our world and justice system now. Too many rights for the criminals and none for the victims.


    You got that RIGHT!!!

    I agree with you 100 percent

    This is a real controversial subject. IMO some people really deserve to be put to death. It was just in todays newspaper that Matthew Ridgeway pleaded guilty to his 49th murder in Washington. Who cares, he killed 48 already. Does he qualify 4 a lethal injection?, damn right! Did Gacy deserve it, U bet. How about Timothy McVeigh who was responsible 4 hundreds dying, bye! We need to get rid of these assholes, maybe we wouldn't have so many murders if we didn't allow these killers appeal after appeal and start giving them the same type of chance they gave their victims, it works well in China!



    Why obviously?

    Do you enjoy paying tax to keep murderers and their like eating 3 or 4 meals a day, sleeping in comfort and watching TV... or don't you work and pay any tax?

    I have to totally agree it does not work if not implemented and as I have stated before one should not be allowed to stay on death row for many years yes they should have rights to appeal maybe several times, but not for years. It would send a message to those like them if the death penalty was implemented fairly quickly and not drug out for many years at our the taxpayers expense.

    *To answer your your questions- first, it has not deterred crime. Second it should only be carried out 5 years after an individual has been unquestionably convicted of a capital crime punished by death. This gives enough time for new evidence or technology to possibly show this persons innocents. No longer though then 5 years. Last is it moral is a personal opinion. I feel that the bible supports it and why should an immoral person be judged on morality?*


    Some prisoners,cant get Athorneys for long time, because alot of Athorneys, perfer bigger cases, where they can make a good salery, which means that it is not prisoners fault that he /she is on row for so long. Also, the Court can take long time, before a hearing date. Time soon passes.

    I hv been corresponding with prisoner on the Row, in U.S. for at least ten yrs, he was on the Row for twenty two yrs, had many different Athorneys,but they didnot seem to care about his case,finally he got lucky, found decent Athorney, he is now of the Row, in anothe prison, awaiting his release date.

    A miscarrage of justice.

    i know 1 thing hand 4 hand, eye 4 eye and blood 4 blood.... it wud lessen the anger n frustration someone had 4 him... but ya death penalties didnt do much in reducing crime rates... still rape, murders and molestation are at high rates...nothing seems changed...:(

    how should i know?

    no it doest not lots of innocent people are kill becasue of this

    I believe there is nothing as Just we as humans can do as the creator Himself.

    The Death Penaity cant be working,because Death Row Prisons are never empty.!!
    Personaly No I don't think death penalty is effective , if someone wants to kill someone else the death penalty won't save the victum. But I do think in some instances the death penalty is not good enough for the person who commits certain crimes

    I still am if favor of public executions

    the death penalty does nothing for making the world better.. it is only unbalanced kind that wish the death penalty on anyone.. there are victims who love their enemies, and that's called divine love. We should cherish divine love. Much love! :P ~


    Smoke another Joint-Snort another line, because you are not in the REAL world anyway!!!

    It has not deterred crime?????Well it certainly deters crime by the person who is executed!
    How many murderers are released only to kill again?

    The system is to flawed to invoak the death penalty. DNA has proven that fact. Only is situations where there is do doubt at all, should it happen. In those cases a law should be passed that the person is executed withing 2 weeks of the final appeal. And that all appeals must be heard within 3 months of the litagation. PERIOD.

    It does work one hundred per cent, no one as committed a crime afterwoulds. They should also be fined 10 pound.

    Only if they make sure the person who gets the penalty dies!! BJ

    All laws are applied selectively at all levels: enforcement, prosecution and execution, thus the answer is NO, though it sure would be tempting if we had the chance to sharpen up the old guillotine and eliminate much of this predatory ruling class!

    if they deserve it then.................. :(-(--==

    People I think would not murder,rape and kill children if they knew that after their trial found them guilty without a doubt,that immediatly they would be executed for their crime. That is a deterant i believe.

    Not as a deterrent. But it does give a sense of justice to some.

    It will never work if it is not implemnnted...

    I believe 100% in it but, I also believe it would be more of a deterrent if, they went back to PUBLIC HANGINGS!

    Not a good idea... it creates martyrs.

    Guilty - lethal injection - body burnt - ashes not returned to family.


    @Suliz We didn't have the crimes back then versus now.
    I think if there is a death penalty that it should be a public execution the reason being let the perps. see what fate awaits them for capitol crimes not just read about what happened in the paper or on the news.
    I think it does more damage than good.

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