What could you use to keep birds from making a nest in wreath hanging on your porch?

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    I love animals just as much as the next person, but I understand the frustration of the birds nesting in my wreath. Its a mess on my porch, not to mention all you have to do is open or close the door, and you got a mama bird flying out or eggs in a nest. We havent figurd it out yet, but a friend suggested we do the same thing we do down at our lake house to keep mice and snakes away and that is soaking a cotton ball with peppermint oil. Many rodents and other small creatures are alergic to the mint, it doesnt hurt them, but they run the opposite way. We are going to try it as soon as this next batch of babies are gone. By the way, I think the answers you recieved were not called for. This forum is for serious people looking for solutions. I will let you know if it works, you never know.

    Quote sparky "This forum is for serious people looking for solutions."

    You call chasing a couple of tiny birds away a serious problem? If this problem were Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds", then that would be a SERIOUS problem.

    Have you taken a look at all the other "serious" questions we get here? LOL


    Just put the wreath away until the birds aren't nesting.
    Take the wreath down.

    My thought also, not sure about America, but here we generally only keep them for Christmas

    depends on the kind of wreath......whether it is decorated for Christmas,or all year 'round, or what.

    Can still take it down until nesting season is over.
    Thank you for the suggestion to use a wreath for a way for birds to nest on my porch.

    Very funny! Seriously, this Robin keep building it's nest in our wreath; my wife keeps tearing it down, but it persists. We really need a GOOD suggestion

    Cover the wreath with plastic sheeting to keep it dust and birdnest free.

    I question the responses I received on this sight. People are making "humorous" remarks or insulting ones. I'm not a bird-hater, I just feel there's an appropriate place for people, and another for animals. I received a much more appropriate answer from a man at our local garden center, and it worked. What was it? Buy a simple rubber snake and put it on the wreath. Immediately the birds forgot about the wreath. Thank God for people who give serious answers that actually work.

    Oooh algebird didums get all up set at the nasty peoples funny answers to your very serious question.

    Don`t you worry your little heart with them you just go and get a plastic snake and put it in the wreath.

    What`s a wreath anyway, we have wreaths at funerals, maybe the robins were not robins but vultures looking to "clean up"

    Make it of cactus fronds!

    I loved it when birds used my wreaths to nest and I got to see the baby birds. Isn't nature wonderful?

    Purchase a couple of hair nets and wrap them around the wreath.  The color won't show and the birds won't be able to nest.  Shouldn't cost more than a couple dollars.          They come in many styles and colors....""


    Thats just my coulour Bob,

    The safety glasses complete the ensemble, don't you think. Tres chic.

    Alright for Bobing a bank,

    I'd never recognize him in a million years! :D
    There is a guy out here that has run a small business for years making tin cutouts if cats that swivel.sort of like a weather vane.
    The idea is you put them on your roof & because they move in the wind the birds are fooled by them.
    Real cats.
    a stuffed cat

    Very funny! Seriously, this Robin keep building it's nest in our wreath; my wife keeps tearing it down, but it persists. We really need a GOOD suggestion.

    When my husb was still alive......14 years ago, every spring, birds would builld a nest on the porch light on our back porch.And as soon as Joe would see it, he would knock it down. I hope he did that when the birds were out looking for food. I wanted the bird nest there, but Joe being a much neater person than I was he said,  " I don't want bird sh- --   all over the porch !! "

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