How can I go about paying for a car without carrying wads of cash?

    I am going shopping in the city for a car next week, not from a car yard, just a private sale. I have found several cars I like in classifieds on the net, of varying prices & all in the city, which I am going to take the day to inspect them all & hopefully come home with new a car!
    The only problem is, I don't know how much I will be spending & I don't want to carry around thousands & thousands of dollars all day, in case something happens or I get mugged or something! I've only just thought of it coz originally I thought I would go looking & if I decided on a car & a price, I'd just go get the money out of the bank, but I've just remembered that both of my financial institutions are only in my town & have no branches in the city (which is about 3hrs away!)
    I can't get it out of the atm coz the max you can get in one day is $1000. And I don't know how much the car might cost to write a cheque plus I know if I was selling a car to a stranger, I would not accept a cheque anyway, so maybe other people wouldn't either.
    Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do, remembering that random people who I don't know will not be trusting of me if I try to make a payment that they can't see with their own eyes?

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    Take the car for a test drive to your bank. If you like the car ask the owner if they will go into the bank with you. Pay and take your car home. If you don't like it enjoy the drive.

    Cashiers check or money order....

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