Well, just curious about why everyone freaks out so much about cheating?

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    Not only that type of cheating, like cheating on tests so that when you get older you never know the answers to anything since you never learned them to begin with.

    Or cheating people out of you can get caught and go to jail.

    Or cheat on your income taxes and go to jail.

    Cheaters are looked down on by most of society - the honest part of society. So if you don't care what other people think of you - go ahead and cheat.
    What's fare about it, a cheater is a looser. Cheaters never prosper.
    Some people will cheat at anything and people lose respect for cheaters.
    Because the trust is broken.
    If you don't know why, nothing anyone says to you will convince you that It's wrong. It sounds as though your are devoid of morals and character. You will die a very lonely person, because no one will ever trust you.
    You people have it right especially python. TRUST is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. If you cheat you must lie to cover your actions. Broken trust breaks a relationship.

    Why bother deceiving your partner if you never intend to be true from the beginning. Just tell them you can't be in a monogamous relationship. It will be better than crushing them later when they find out you cheated and lied to them.

    I can't tell you how many girlfriends that had trust issues with me, because of being cheated on by their previous boyfriends. I have never cheated on a woman I've been involved with, yet I had to earn their trust, ((if even possible,)) because of the cheaters they've dated before me.

    So if you don't plan on being a trustworthy partner in your next relationship, please just inform them ahead of time that you can't be in a monogamous relationship. That would spare all of us the pain that broken trust causes.

    Amen to that leeroy.

    Yeah, if you are going to cheat, don't bother entering a relationship under the guise that you are going to honor your promise.

    Just find a cheating partner who doesn't want a monogamous relationship, why ruin it for everyone else???????????????
    Because it is wrong!
    Who freaks out about cheating? Only those who cheat freak out when they get caught!
    People cheat for different reasons. Some people are just selfish and want multiple partners and don't care about their partners feelings. If your a victim of this, I am so sorry. I know the healing process can be horrible, but you will get through it and you will be a stronger person for it. It is vital to your health that in time, you forgive. It is very freeing and healthy to let go. If you need help with forgivness, reach out and get some help, its the best thing for you and you deserve the best.

    Another reason for cheating could be that a persons needs are not met.
    Some people are in bad relationships and are ignored and mistreated. So, they get desparate for attention after trying to get it from their partner. Most people who cheat emotionally do it out of horrific loneliness and saddness.
    They may feel isolated and depressed. Then if someone has a kind word to say to them and they may get some much needed attention, so, they take it, they just may need someone to care about them.
    I'm sure there are alot of reasons why people cheat. Its a tricky subject.
    Keep in mind, if you want and love your partner, let them know it and treat them like an equal.
    Best Wishes to All!
    Whot's the point of competing if your intenchion is to cheat wot plesure can you get by winning if YOU know you cheated. Can you say your the tops if you know you'r not!

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