During your life, have you ever changed the way you think?

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    YES ! Every one of those. Religion, raised J W... NOW Nondenominational. 16-17 Anti Gay after being molested for years by my older brother, HOW... No problem with it what so ever [exept marrage, that's just politacal stupidity] Liberal... now, uter distrust of ANY government of any kind, anywere ! TOTAL CORRUPTION Just the nature of the beast !

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    Of course. As life changes  and the world changes I have changed my mind many times over.

    I have changed my mind so many times that I had to remove the option entirely and recognize the fact that everyone is right for them at the time. So I TU everyone who isn’t rude regardless if I agree or not, knowing that if I come back and look at the posts again, had I previously agreed or disagreed that my view would likely be different. Yep, my brain has turned to jello which means you are right even if you are wrong and vice-versa.     

    We all change conyinualy and as a Budhist saying goes "A truly great person is one that is a better person today than they were yesterday." No I am not Buddhist nor am I biggeted.

    Yes, yes and yes. Thanks for asking!

    perception ,imagination, self awareness, all contribute to our thinking, so it is fair to concede with the passage of time our thoughts and reality will change, hopefully to create a better world,

    Absolutly if you dont grow and set in you ways you are stuck,just make sure its you who changes you mind not other people changing it for you But first you need to know who you are .That is the only way to learn the lessons of life.

    I beleive I have gone full circle. In my 20's I was A full-fledged McGovern Democrat(one of the few who voted for him in 1972) and and an agnostic. Like TRNelson--I became discouraged with the Dems during the Carter administration--voted for Reagan the first time around--and then Mondale, Dukakis--But it was Bill Clinton who changed my politics forever. That's one vote I wish I could take back--I will NEVER vote for another Democrat Again--Even if they put up Moses and John The Baptist on the same ticket. It really is the "party of special interests", and socialism. As for religion: I became a Christian in 1990--and my life changed dramatically. I was no longer angry and depressed an on a self-destructing life-path and now live each day to make my life and those of others better. I am a much better person today and my wife and children will attest to that. Not perfect--but a better man.


    I myself went the other way. I started out republican then turned democrat, figuring it was the lesser of the two evils. The JFK assassination, Iran Contra scandal, and many other events linking key members of the republican party to special interest groups, usually involving big oil, military contracts, and banking scandals is what drove me away. The attack on the World Trade Center, invasion of Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan further prove my point, as does the gulf oil spill and fracture gas wells, all linked to the Bush administration, Dick Cheney, and their special interest groups.

    Every day i change my mind. You have new information comming in all the time. If your thoughts and opinions are not changing or developing as this information comes in then your really not thinking.

    Of corse it is called growing up. Just make good decisions as you grow.

    Absolutly if you dont grow and set in you ways you are stuck,just make sure its you who changes you mind not other people changing it for you But first you need to know who you are .That is the only way to learn the lessons of life!!!!this from T.P

    We all change as the world around us changes.I was raised in a very strong labour/union household & for many years could see myself voting no other way.Things are different now tho & I wouldn't vote labour if they paid me.


    Tommyh - too right there is no socialism a was anymore.

    Yes life and the choices one makes should teach you that. If you do not learn from your mistakes and we all make them then you have a real problem.

    No. i just use my brain. why have you found something else to use?

    I've had dramatic changes in my thinking in all 3 areas. Religion... I've gone from confused Christian child to agnostic Christian (yes, there is such a thing). Gender issues... far too complicated to explain, but my views are progressive and liberal. Politics... I've made the trip from conservative republican to democrat, bordering on socialist. I try to be openminded, however, some of my views are set in stone at this point.

    My thoughts and feelings change everyday I'm alive because I'm always learning and taking new adventures in everyday life. The day I stop doing that is the day I die. If you haven't learned something new everyday (which will more than likely change your thought process in some way whether you know it or not) it's been a wasted day!

    certainly i have changed the way i think -i know now that there are numerous sides to every story and to the way of thinking.i know now not to be extreme in my views on religion or politics- not like our friend re carter -he seems to have a typical american bullying attitude that got america into so many unwanted wars and created soo much suffering to the people in this world. meanwhile the armoury tycoons are earning vast fortunes on the suffering of people- including their own troops. Ask the seriously injured troops what they think -do they still think the same?
    people change as they get older and wiser-dont be afraid to admit it and hopefully become a better person for it -good luck

    I used to be a very bad person.I hurt people i was in jail and did drugs got drunk.Then i found a friend who helped.I accepted JESUS CHRIST AS MY SAVIOUR DON


    Congratulations on finding your way out of hurting yourself and others!

    Well done you - whichever way you have stepped in the right direction. So hard to do and you did it wow.

    the true is if you have to make a choice in your life,you start to grow little by little.

    Yes, experience over time enlightens us to the realities of life. I've learned that religion is a man made creation designed to serve the intentions of man, not God, Allah, or the Spirit Realm. Though preachers will state that they are following the guidance of the written word of God, which is impossible, since God, is not human, thus has not written anything. The Bible and Koran were written by many different men, who naturally, to some degree, put their own influence and opinion into those doctrines, as well as the opinions of other influential men who assisted or influenced them. Most religions were developed by men of good intention, who sought simply to please or show respect to our creator/s, while other religions were developed by kings or rulers of men, who's intentions were to capitalize on their people's spiritual faith, which many were jealous of, or threatened by. And that is why many of those kings or rulers were later labeled as being gods themselves. I do believe in creation, evolution, and the spirit realm. For I have been blessed to have been able to detect spiritual projections, which has led to my being reached out to by various spirits in my life time. This has given me complete spiritual absolution, beyond any and all religions.

    I changed my political views during the Jimmie Carter administration.

    I couldn't believe our country elected such a timid person as president. The way he handled Iran hostage problem opened up a Pandora's box that we are living with today.

    To think that the hostages were there over 400 days and he couldn't get them out made me angry.

    The fact that during his tenure gas prices began thier steady rise(I remember the long gas lines and the rationing).

    The Arab countries knew (because of Carter) we wouldn't challenge them and the way they price their product. They felt (because of Carter) we were "Paper Tigers".


    Here here!


    the problem with a liberal mentality.

    YES ! Every one of those. Religion, raised J W... NOW Nondenominational Cristian, butt accept almost all religions. Gender Issues 16-17 Anti Gay after being molested for years by my older brother. Used to >>lure and beat<< with my buddies. HOW... No problem with it what so ever. Even transgender. All means all [except marriage, that's just political stupidity] Politics; Liberal... now, utter distrust of ANY government of any kind, anywhere ! TOTAL CORRUPTION Just the nature of the beast !

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