What are your thoughts about directed organ donation?

    Critically ill infants Kaylee Wallace and Lillian O'Connor have been linked by the possibility that the former might save the latter's life. Kaylee has a congenital disease and her parents have expressed the desire that, if she dies, her heart should be transplanted into Lillian. However, this has raised numerous ethical concerns in the medical community as, typically, organ donations are done anonymously.

    What do you think about directed organ donation? Should donors have the right to decide who receives their organs after death? Does this create the possibility for abuse, as organs could be distributed based on religion or race, or even sold for profit? Is a 'lottery' the only truly fair way to distribute organs?

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    There are several issues involved in the "organ transplant" conundrum to consider. To flense this beast one should consider the basics. We don't own each other. How rude to consider we do. Just because there is a solution to a problem does not make our embrace of it okay to everyone. Consider cannibalism and the use of cannons to pacify native Americans. We have the ability to save life with used parts. Does this fascination with transplantation inpede the advance of the science of how to grow our own replacement parts? Consider this as an option to using other peoples parts. I consider growing our own replacement parts preferable to the quick-fix. Farming this out to others invites human abuse.
    The depth of this issue is full of shadows, mystery and strange screaming and crying noises.

    Direct organ donation in the vast majority should not be allowed. In a few situations like the one you described would be an exception as well as with family members if they meet current medical criteria. If a father is an alcoholic and still drinks, he should not automatically have the right to his recently deceased sons liver. A lottery, to me is not practical either. It should depend on sound medical decisions based on who on the list is in most need of the transplant and has the most likely chance on have a positive out come by being the recipient of the organ.

    Directed organ donation should only be allowed where a link is proven between the donor and the recipient ie family relation, friend etc.
    Donations to unlinked recipients lead to organs being sold to the highest bidder.


    this idea will shrink the No of donors.Some families will only donate if a loved one is in danger.Let them have a choice.

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