how can you preserve copper (keep it clean and shiny)

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    Its not cheap but it worked really well and very easy to use:

    Copper Shield Interior / Exterior Clear Gloss, Specifically Formulated to protect & preserve copper, brass, and bronze.12 oz. Spray Can, Priced Per Each.

    APPLY COPPER SHIELD ®: This coating is specially formulated for use on copper, and actually enhances the natural beauty of new copper. It contains no substances that will react chemically with copper. Copper Shield® is crystal clear, and formulated from a blend of acrylic resins specifically designed for use on copper. Copper Shield® also contains a UV inhibitor that prevents darkening due to sunlight exposure, and an agent to prevent corrosion from occurring underneath the paint. Normal clear enamel or lacquer paints will not prevent the aging of copper. Copper Shield® will protect the new copper for a period of up to 10-12 years in an exterior application. NO RETURN POLICY - There are some items that we cannot allow returns on, Copper Shield is NOT RETURNABLE. If you have any questions on this please contact us prior to placing your order. Copper Shield can only be shipped UPS Ground
    We used a product called Copper shield

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