I have yahoo for my page on internet, why cant I have my chkg Acct I have on the screen to go directly to on-line banking

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    You need to contact your bank to see if this is possible.

    As I said I have Yahoo as home page but do not have anything resembling "favorites" anywhere on the screen. How the hell do I get it so I can insert my on-line banking into the favorites and click to banking immediately instead of going thru search and then to one of the on-line banking accounts shown in the answer:

    Which web browser are you using? They all use different methods to pull up Favorites or Bookmarks. Give us this information and perhaps we can help you. I doesn't matter what your homepage is, it's the web browser that matters.
    You can have any page you want as your home page just go through your control panel, then click on internet options, on the general tab it asks what page you want your home page to be just copy or type it in. At least that's the way it is for windows xp. You should not put in any personal info. just their web site address.

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