Do you pray for your loved ones?

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    Yes, I try to remain in an attitude of prayer all day if possible, I also pray for my enemies, or people who don't like me very much.
    Yes, everyday!
    yes especially at the moment as have two family members very ill but also pray for families salvation

    My wife and I will be praying for you ill loved ones
    I pray every day for my family and others. God said in His Word. 'Call on Me and I will answer you'
    indeed and they pray for me... we all need prayer
    Good morning friendindeed. Of course I pray for my loved ones, they need all the help they can get.

    I asked this question because I said in an answer to another question that I prayed for my loved ones and someone said I was setting a bad example by praying for them. I will always pray for all the needs I see around me. Thanks for your answer ^dogs$us

    If you're talking about what I said to you FID, I said that concerning you praying for people who do not believe in prayer. I never said it about you praying for your loved ones. Now unless your loved ones do not believe in your God, that's the only way your loved ones could be covered in what I said. God allows freedom of choice. If someone does not believe in prayer, you have no right to force it on them. That is setting a bad example for God's unconditional love. That's pretty much what I said and I stand by it.

    Well at least your less than honest reason for posting this got you some points. That should make you happy and take some of the fake sulk away.

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    I pray for each and everyone who doesn't know God. I will try to be a good example to them. Edit this answer Delete answer
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    Me: "I pray for each and everyone who doesn't know God. I will try to be a good example to them."

    Being a good example for them would mean not praying for them and allowing them their own personal relationship with Him. The way I see it, you fail as a good example of God's love when you ignore another's freedom. Edit this comment Delete comment

    You did not say family. You said people who do not know God (your God).

    I know God and I still do not believe in prayer.
    Headless Man

    Colleen, you're wrong again, if we pray for someone that don't believe, we are praying that God puts that person in a spot in their life where they question their believes and accepts Jesus as their personal saver.
    I know that can happen because it happened to me.

    You act like we are forcing our believes on someone but if you don't believe in prayer, then what is there to worry about.

    No, you're wrong. You have no right to attempt to influence another's beliefs or non beliefs. God gives them freedom to just be. God will present Himself to them when they are ready and not before. He does not need do gooders praying at Him telling him he needs to go save someone. You are trying to force your beliefs and God on people who may not want them. I personally do not want your prayers in my spiritual space. I dislike having to clean my space of unwanted debris.

    The point:
    You were not speaking of your loved ones as you told 6dogs you were. You then claimed I told you you were setting a bad example by praying for them (your loved ones). I did not say that.

    Colleen...This is part of you answer to me

    (Well at least your less than honest reason for posting this got you some points. That should make you happy and take some of the fake sulk away.)

    You say that I was looking for points and was less than honest. You attack my motive for what I say and do on this site. I do believe in prayer and will carry on. We pray to The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Jesus set us the example of praying for all when He prayed 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do' Those people did not ask for prayer. I know your opinion of Jesus. Sa Randy said. If you do not believe in prayer then what is your ptoblem if we praid for you. If prayer is not real then why do you need to clear your space of something that doesent exist?
    Yes I pray for my loved ones, for ALL of you on this site, people less fortunate than I and even for people that HATE me.

    Thank you for your prayers for us Spaceghost :)

    You're so welcome doublehelix, LOVE you guys/girls.

    ah you are so kind and thank you for preyers x

    You are so welcome.
    Yes, I pray for my loved ones and I love everyone, so that includes you.
    No, I don't pray period. I try to make things happen if they are within my area of influence. I hope for the best when they are not.
    No, I am not heartless. I care quite passionately about many things and many people, especially my loved ones.
    Praying is an activity that ought to be practiced by those that truly believe in spirituality and the power that they believe prayer delivers.
    Since I am not a believer of either, that makes me the only one answering no to this question.
    ed shank

    Refreshing to see someone acknowledge they do not believe without kicking a believer in the nuts. Thank you.

    Ed, There are plenty of nut jobs in both camps. However, decent people from either side share many common positive social values. Unfortunately, the "extremists" , those who choose to ridicule or demonize their opponents, are the ones that steal the show.
    Thanks for the TU.
    There have been times I have prayed desperately for God to protect my teen boys from my ranting;)
    All the time.
    I pray anytime i feel a prayer is needed :)

    Great answer !!

    thank you Spaceghost :)
    Yes, but not every day.
    Slightly off topic because it does not involve loved ones but can anyone explain how God reconciles directly competing prayer requests such as when members of opposing sports teams pray to Him to deliver them victory or when soldiers from opposing sides pray for victory or safekeeping ?
    No I do not pray at all. My religion lives in my heart where I try to help those that need help. My family I would lay down my life for, they are the real meaning of my existence.

    I have a life that many would envy because of my "religion" yet I have little in monetary terms I am rich beyond belief.

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