Why do people stand in line outside banks before they open?

    Surely they could observe the opening time and go round the block until that time. Is money cheaper to the first few customers ?

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    7 Answers

    Because they can`t get in until the bank opens would be my guess.
    Not cheaper, but these people are very anxious to conclude their important monitary transactions as soon as possible. Standing in line brings us to the conclusion they are also very polite.

    Same reason they stand in line at walmart in the morning, they want to be first!  maybe they have other things to do that day and bank is first on the list.

    For the same reason (people) rob banks ,"Because that's where the (money) is at, inside the bank!"

    First in best dressed.....probably need some money for shopping.

    They want to be first.


    i was thier before you,get to the back of the Q

    Just in case they don!t.

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