how do I prune nuccios

    I have a carnival candy which is leggy and needs to bush out more.

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    How to Prune Camellias

    Camellias can produce a lot of blooms. Properly pruned camellias can help produce flowers that are much larger than a bush that's not cared for properly. It doesn't take long to prune camellias and the effort is well worth the time.

    Things You'll Need
    Pruning shears

    1 Plan to prune the camellias after the blooming season is over. If you prune during the blooming season, you risk losing blooms during the next blooming season. Prune the camellias during their dormant time when the wood is not producing any new growth.

    2 Sanitize your pruning tools before you begin cutting. Mix nine parts water with one part bleach to clean your tools. Dip the blades of the pruning shears into the liquid and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. This prevents any insects from getting inside the open cut on the camellias.

    3 Start pruning all dead branches and twigs. Next, cut away branches that are small and weak. Look for branches with one dominant terminal shoot bud and two or more lateral shoot buds. Branches that grow inward are also good candidates for pruning.

    4 Make the cut next to the trunk. Not only are stumps unattractive, they are also unnecessary. Make the cut as clean and precise as possible.

    5 Try to keep the camellia in an appealing shape as you prune it. It may not be possible to keep it symmetrical.

    6 Prune an older camellia. Look for branches with vigorous shoots. Cut back all the wood to the new growth. You must then wait to see what branches actually grow the next season before you do any more pruning.

    7 Spray the camellias with a fungicide after you prune them. This protects the plant from fungus while its open cuts heal.

    All I know is prune juice but I am sure the excellent information given by 6 dogs will see you straight. Don`t let 6dogs 6dogs near you bushes though.

    Right you are PL. They aren't allowed near my bushes either, got fencing around the backyard to contain them in the "safe zone" away from my flowers and plants.

    Poor little puppies, they only want to play with the pretty flowers.

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