I need tips to become a better rebounder

    What should I do to catch more rebounds in a basketball game?

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    . There is a link on how to add ten inches (no, not to that!); to your vertical jump.

    You can increase your vertical leap so you can jump HIGHER !!! Doing plyometric training can help with that.

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    Yea that and a lot of calf raises will build them up. TU. My answer looks like some one voted it down from up. Could use a T. UP Spaceghost!


    You got it my friend.

    Your position on the court and learning how to block out your opponents are the top two techniques which will aid you in becoming a better rebounder. The other thing is plain and simple determination and hustle. You must constantly maintain your rebounding position against your adversary by being physical and willing to out work anyone to get that rebound.

    comeon it's real life not basketball...

    Keep an eye out for all the girls at the game who are crying. The one with the reddest eyes will be on the rebound and you can generally catch her near the exits or women's rest rooms. But wait for their girlfriends to not be there before you approach, and don't be an ass about it. Just ask, "Are you alright? Is there anything I can do? Would you like to talk about it because I'm a great listener." And then listen and don't interrupt. At the end of the night, you will have caught her. If you interrupt, you will lose her. So let her talk it out and she will think you are the greatest guy she's ever met and the next thing you know... well... you know...

    Oh, playing basketball and getting those rebounds. Heck, don't know a thing about basketball. I'm always looking for the girls with red eyes! LOL

    Work on your thigh& calf muscles.

    Be the ball.

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