What was the highest score ever made on the game Sonic 3 and Knuckles?

    I've finished the game a few minutes ago and my score for the whole game was 2,296,720. Has anyone scored higher than that?

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    Don't they have an on line site where you can create an account to see stuff like this? We are not Sonics gaming site.

    Yeah, but this IS a website where you can ask anything in case someone actually knows. Besides, I don't want to make an account for something I could've found in 10 seconds.

    Well I didn't feel like opening an account to see what the best score was, lol Guess no one here plays the game since no one could answer this for you. Sorry.

    I added "We are not Sonics gaming site" because a lot of people mistake us for the website they are on at time and think their question goes to them. I didn't notice you're an actual member with karma already.

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