Is the book of Enoch available to read? Not included in the BIBLE.

    Not included in the printing of the Bible.

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    It made no reference to the old testament and was consider not God inspired. As was a lot of writings of people wanting fame and power I'm sure just like today.
    Oh . . . also when reading it keep in mind it is levels of Consciousness through which he is traveling. . .
    Enoch is an apocryphal book and indeed not included in the Christian Bible, as are many other books or chapters been excluded from that precious book, making it a marvelous pasteup. Enoch was pretty much overlooked though he was the first prophet. He was but mention, maybe three times in the CB The Book of Enoch is very, very methaphoric, and the Anti-Nicene-Fathers didn't understand it. So they dumped it in the Ophic files (waste basket) like they did so many wonderful, but medaphorical worlks and writings. Thankfully much was found. The Book you are looking for is "The Book fo ENOCH the Prophet as translated by Richard Laurence. It was discover in Ethiopia in 1773 by James Bruce. A copy was was presented to the Bodleian Library at Oxford, where it was forgotten until 1821 and translated by Richard Laurence. A very ineresting figure. I am sure it can be had through Wizard Publishings. I suggest the Secret Doctrine series. Oh . . . or any mystical book shop should have it. If you live in Los Angeles, the Boddha Tree Book shop in Hollywood. Good Luck in the finding and the reading ;-)

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