The word 'does. ' Please explain this..

    So many people spell 'does as dose' Why??

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    How about these other all too-common mistakes?

    there and their
    to and too
    its and it's
    fare and fair

    would, wood

    your, you're and my personal pet peev UR (which I know is text lingo but it's too often in typed speech now.)

    Text speech spells the beginning of the end of our civilization. Offenders ought to be locked up and forced to perform chain gang duties until they can correctly spell EVERY word in the dictionary.

    digger, I know I'm so guitly of this and should proof read before hitting the post button.

    @witchway. Not that I keep a scorecard, but I've never noticed a typo from you.
    Maybe we should just use phonetics,(DUZ).
    Did I spell fonetics properly?

    We may as well choose to mumble and burp whenever we feel like it when speaking. Same difference to me.
    for the most part, because people are either ignorant ( not stupid; simply don't know )or careless. Spell-check is supposed to virtually eliminate bad spelling. Instead, we see more mistakes than ever before because folks choose to ignore corrections.

    Not all words follow the rules.. Rules are meant to be broken. Knight, gnat....
    "does" Third person singular present of "do" Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
    b/c the word does is the plural of do
    Case in point----

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    'how long dose it take blood to cleanse itself'
    Many times I see people spelling the word 'DOES' as DOSE.. This is an entirely different word.. I have come to the conclusion that this is not a mis-spelled word but rather a non USA spelling of the word -- 'Does this sound right?" Or 'Dose this look right??'

    'does'--> does = dose as proper spelling in your country?? There are SO many people spelling 'does as dose..

    I take a 'DOSE' of medicine..

    NOpe, 'does' is always 'does' and 'dose' is always 'dose' . there are people that can't distinguish them when writing it down...thats when your kind of confusion arises...

    It's a misspelling.

    We have does, as in does a bird fly and we have dose, just as you described it...I'll take a dose of medicine.

    What you see unfortunately is our faulty education system designed to make people stupid and more easily led by the government.

    I have know idea why so many ppl spell simple words incorrectly... They are definately to different words with two different meanings. I often confuse the placement of letters.. But I have my own issues. I think it is ignorance for the most part....

    he he . that's true Colleen :)

    That's true, Colleen. And they not only want us to be inferior to he rest of the world, but they're trying to bankrupt the U.S., so they can take control of us for the One World Government. ....which consists of the heads of world banks, and the heads of large corporations.

    @ Colleen: 'Faulty education system 'designed' to make people stupid'? - Are you serious?? I agree that our education system is lacking as a result of compensation for teachers but I don't think its design, i think that quality personnel to teach has gone down because of low pay. I am all for giving teachers a raise but not the teachers we have today. One point I refuse to accept is that they take liberties in political teachings, they teach their beliefs, and in most cases its too far to the left for me.

    My son, a decorated soldier in the airborne division of the US army was told to leave a high school campus while in uniform because he was 'enforcing' military violence. he had permission from the school principal to be there with a recruitment duty. he and his uniformed assistants were escorted off the campus. Too many teachers today that are teaching their own liberal agendas, more attention to politics than education..

    Well said Jenn but you left a few letters out of "people"
    my key board has no e key...ops its fixed now
    That's because they can't spell, love.
    Ok, there's an abundance of Does vs Dose today...

    Why can't people get this right??? its amazing how many people here can't spell 'DOES'...

    Driving me nuts!!
    people spell the way they hear. thats why its important to speak properly.
    (dic) Third person singular present of 'do' :D

    no idea what your asking :)

    Read my first reply, it will explain it.. I goofed..
    there could be so many drug gee out there they don't know the difference between a dose ,or does it take more,to be hight

    From ignorance or not caring.

    Tongue in cheek : Tyre tire . Is tire a thing on a wheel or a state of weariness.

    Well....I really doesn't know.

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