can i kill a squirrell on my property?

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    We have to control squirrel population in our peacan orchard. You need to check with your states wildlife managment or game wardon... In many cases you are only allowed a certian number of kills... or it can also be that you have to hunt during squirrel season. ( we are exept for these 2 conditions becuase of the damage they can do to our crops.But we calain a working orchard on our land taxes))Make sure it is not illegal to shoot firearms were you want to hunt.

    Hey Jenn can you send my some peacan,s ? wife loves them

    Jenn, years ago I was involved in a industry that brought me in contact with a bloke from the USA that started the first pecan nut farm in Australia at a place called Pallimalliwa near Moree in western NSW.
    Can`t for the life of me think of his name but he lived in Toowoomba Queensland and used to fly his own plane to pally. Had a brother in the State called Billy, but isn`t every bloke in the US Billy.

    we did not have a good crop this past year because of droubt and those dang squirels.. Bit If we have a go turn out i would gladdly send you some.
    @ PEOple... Nope all my blokes are named Brian... LOL
    If you do, 20 more will come to take it's place. You're a kid. Haven't your parents taught you not to kill?
    My dog just loves to play with squirrels. He thinks they are live squeak toys. Do you want to borrow my dog for a week?
    I think the issue is not whether you can do it - I'm sure you can, the question should be how you kill them. Trapping, poisoning, shooting - some towns frown on shooting inside city limits. And, can you live with yourself afterward?
    Dont even think about doing such a thing.
    You can kill whatever you like, even your parents, just don`t get caught.
    Want a sensible answer ask a sensible question.
    "Can I legaly kill a squirrel on my property" Try that one, and include where the property is located.

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