I was deported from the usa can I apply over after four years to return all my children were born american citizen

    with a 237 charge

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    I had a supervisor who entered the US under one name and was deported for having sex with a minor. He returned to the US under another name and became a US Citizen, claiming he had never been deported. INS came to work one day and took him away in handcuffs. He was allowed to return to work until he had a trial. Before the trial he ran to Canada, the Canadians found out about the arrest and trial date and turned him over to the authorities at the border. While in custody he escaped and ran back to NH and hid from authorities. Once again he was caught and jailed and then tried, this time to be deported by INS. He no longer can enter the US, his fingerprints have been retained in case he tries to return under another name. He has two children and his wife has divorced him - but he still can't return to the US. The answer to this question is not clear because we don't know why she was deported.
    Check with USINS regarding returning to USA to be with your children. If you don't have any criminal charges, they may let you return on a limited visa.
    I may be you came in to this country (USA) illegaly. I don't know what your status when you came in,but you can talk to the immigration attorney. He has a show. I just forgot his name. Sometimes he is on TV.From there that show you can learn a lot for free. It is on a Pilipino channel TV. Sorry brother, that's all I can share with you.I am not a lawyer but that is what I can remember. When I get his name I will try to publish it here so we can hook together and chat some more. I am just trying to hlep. Sorry.
    MY husband was arrest for conspiracy and they charge me because I was marry to him

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