What's wrong with my San Francisco Giants??

    The games they have won have been handed to them.. They are not the world series winners I saw last year..

    I may need to switch teams.

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    whatashame whatasham

    They are in New York.

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    The giants have two on base-- They are looking at each other-- They can't figure out how they got there.. This is redickless.. LOL

    Ok, I been working this team switch thing out..

    New hat, 25 bucks

    new T-shirt 22.50

    new shoes w/ reds logo 89 bucks

    socks, 3 pair 15 ea. 45 bucks

    reds sunglasses 35 bucks..

    assorted pennants and hand held 'I'm a reds fan' stuff 150 bucks

    I don't think I can afford the switch. I may have to stay with the Giants :(

    Pitching is good, fielding sucks and they can't hit. manager Bruce Bochy was in a post game interview after winning in the 12th inning by a fluke against the cards, they said to him, Cody Ross looks good this year, he turned his head and you could see he said 'bullshit!" then he turned and said, 'yeah, he's alright'.. LOL..

    It's early though, Giants have always come up from behind. Cincinnati is doing good, 115 mph pitches.. WOW!


    Yep, that's my team, GO REDS!

    Vinny the grandpa? LOL

    Switch to my Reds!!!


    Reds is my second team -- I'm a Cincinatian -- But now I'm a west coast starbucks drinking yuppie wannabe


    Giants 5-4. I don't know how that happened, i don't think they do either.


    Cool! Champman is pitching now.


    Six runs on 11th inning!! 8-2, Reds!

    Sorry if I'm not sympathetic but you guys knock out my Fightin' Phils last year in the NLCS.

    Haven't followed your team yet this year. How's your starting pitching and team BA so far? That usually is an indication.

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