what is my silver dollar worth


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    Depends on condition and mint mark, the silver would be worth about $30.00 but if not like new probably won't bring much more.

    Check Ebay:
    Found this on wiki-answers:

    "The U.S. did not issue dollar coins for circulation in 1984.

    If it says something about 1 ounce of silver on the reverse, you probably have a bullion piece carrying the $1 designation as an artificial denomination. Its value would be tied to the spot price of silver, arount $13 or $14 an ounce.

    If it's from another country or does not indicate that it is a bullion piece your best approach would be to post a new question with more information, including the country and any additional markings on the coin."

    Read more:

    Now I have found there is a 1984 Olympic silver dollar. You can see it on eBay
    A lot depends on condition of it but generally about 50.00, could be higher if rare (# made).

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