Is akaQA a religious site??

    This is my first question here-- I'm sure this had been asked before and I don't think I can 'google' the answer. I have only been here for a couple weeks, I reply to a few threads but it seems that within 80% of these threads it will at one point turn into a religious discussion. So, unless I have accidentally found myself in the religious section of this blog (forum) I would like to know where the general Q&A section might be. How did akaQA form? was it formed by a Christian group? I too am Christian so its not that I am a non-believer I am just amazed at how many of you will bring God and Jesus into a question unrelated to religion. Sorry if I am asking a redundant question.

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    akaQA is a general question site. If you have a question post it. Some here simply believe that the bible contains all answers to all questions so they answer in that manner. This is just how they live their life. God has the answers, so they speak for God or from Jesus's words found in the bible. I can not speak for those who created the forum as I do not know their religious beliefs. There are a lot here who do not follow the Christian faith or the bible. I like the fact there are other beliefs mixed in because it's always good to get varying view points.


    Good answer Colleen.


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    Vinny. I asked a question 'do you believe in God Stand up and be counted' I got about 60 answers and the result was about 50/50. So its not a Christian site but we all love a good debate.

    It's definitely a hot topic!

    This site is made up of people from all walks of life, most are good people just trying to help others.

    Thanks! I too love a good debate, I also respect those that offer God as the answer to all issues, however, I think that when some people ask a question they want answers they can rationalize with and deal with in the physical world rather than the spiritual world. I am a self motivated person and where prayer may help, its just not enough for me. I get the feeling that many people get into a situation with life and then just pray for God to fix it for them.. If things get better, then God fixed it, if things do not get better then it was God's will.. But I digress

    I really just wanted to know if this was a religious site. Thanks for your answer.. :)


    This is 5 months old but there it was at the top of the Answered list I just got. I love the way you commented about prayer. Some people do think that all they have to do is pray. I say, YES, pray to God about everything, but don't sit on your butt waiting for him to fix your life. You have to do something for yourself....God can help you get motivated, too.
    Headless Man

    Would you do me a favor and look for the comment you just made on the question do gays and lesbians go to heaven, and see if it disappeared.
    I can't find it......?

    Randy, not sure who you are talking about but i went back to that thread in question and I only recall making one reply and it was a joke reply, its still there..
    Headless Man

    I was making a comment and it disappeared, still can't find it.

    This site is made up of people from all walks of life, most are good people just trying to help others.

    No it is not a religious site but I can understand why you might think that.

    We have few nutters from time to time.

    Before the nutters starts on me I know a Bishop in a church who told a group of us he never travels in the "black" as he gets surrounded by religious nutters looking for special treatment. If a bishop can call you nutters I am sure I can.

    What makes you think a Bishop is a Christian if he wears a miter. The miter was the official head gear of the fish god Dagon. When did the Apostles of Christ give up their fishermen's garb for those very expensive vestments?

    If Jesus and the apostles had gone about with big lights shinning out of their heads, do you not thing somebody would have noticed? All this paraphernalia is to impress gullible people to give them money to keep them in a lavish life style. Then many of the use that trust to abuse children. Wake up Guys you are having the wool pulled over you eyes.

    Yes and over and over again.

    no not really,all tho some try to make it one..

    I don't think the people who profess to be religious on this site, are. Because they constantly need to remind themselves, over and over, and over...

    and over and over and over......

    Over and over-- but each time is a different answer, that's what I think makes the religious discussions so entertaining.. Sometimes they don't even agree with what they said in their last post.. LOL. Remember the guy that got pissed off at himself?? HA!! That was my favorite.. But I digress, I don't think it was religious that time..

    Sorry, but you leave yourselves wide open, over and over and over...

    only twice in season and out of season...


    no not really,all tho some try to make it one..


    and over and over and over ...ahem!

    No not necessarily, depends on what Labels one selects.   Simply where ones interests lie;  Its one own choice of subjects. 

    My non religious answer:

    This site is made up of people from all walks of life, most are good people just trying to help others.

    My religious answer:

    God Jesus and Holy Spirit makes up the holy trinity, God in three-forms.

    If you do one thing, accept a free gift. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Just say yes and mean it, tell others about your choice, then live it, and find a good BIBLE teaching Church. Read the BIBLE yourself and study. 


    No bible thumping, just info. for the lost.

    And depends on your religion


    The comments here beg response. 

    There are many levels of consciousness from the lower to the higher, graduating by infinite degrees.  Therefore the truths are many and according to the level or grade which one has accomplished.  In the Mysteries these levels are called "Orders." 

    Therefore in the world of men there are ever conflicts of perceptions and interpetations, for in the Spiritual World the Truth evolves according to the level of consciousness.  Spirit is ever progressive through the the Ages, never stagnated by the histories of men, but ever progressive through the Consciousnesses of men.. 

    Such is not for ignorant men to judge.  Such worldly men for fear, ever judge that they know not of.  Being full of hearsay, thus having no Light of their own, they are like children, mocking, jeering and laughing on the side lines, as though they know something.  This to hide their own ignorance for they have nothing constructive to offer.  They live in the senses not in the mind and heart.  Thus Spiritual things, the Godly mysteries which contain the Wisdom of God are but foolishness to them.

    Such as these have yet to step upon a Spiritual Path (this is the "Telistic Path.").  Yet by their ignorance they are indeed on the dark path.  Though they will deny it, their lives are already in a chaos, sorrow, disappointment, unhappiness is their lot because of their ignorance of God.  They have yet to find themselves. 

    Take it for what it is worth, let them receive who can, now in this time and in this place wherein the shadows seek for the Light.  Amen     


    Is that a yes or a no?? :) LOL

    When a question, is answered by to many readings  from Bible, I dont usually read it.


    The commentaries are always most motivating.  Therefore:

    We all as members of Mankind, since birth been fed like mothers milk; that is virtually conditioned to the idea that Religion is many, this false idea has been programed for thousands of years.   But, many of the enlightened in this New Age of Aquarius  have been received in the Truth: Religion is only  ONE, this is a revelation and restoration of He who is One, he who is Religion -  God.

    There are just Traditions who have yet to receive this Revelation, ignorantly calling themselves Religions.  Traditions are but the pathways to Religion which is God.  There is only One God, but there are many ideas of God, these are traditions, no matter the demoniation, or creed.

    God's presence can be known in the Presence of Love and Peace, this is the Good which is God..  When the Apostles ask Jesus how shall we know the false ones?  The Christ through Jesus answered most simply " my Servants do not fight," 

    When all traditions understand this there will be Peace  Yet traditions ignorant of this, to this day still speak evil of each other; fight and make war on each  other all in the name of God!!  Hypocricy!  Traditions with agendas are driven by averious, and a consuming need for  power this is evidence of who is their God, and their brainwashed but innocent zealot followers pay the price.

    Let them receive it who can no matter his position or tradition.  Amen


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    I answered you too, go back to your question you will see my answer.. Why would you ask me that anyway?? Does my picture offend you???

    Moderator you find yourself offensive when you look in the mirror??? (kidding) :)

    How can i help you my son,

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