A man here in Chicago found a clear plastic "bag" containing $70,000 lying on the ground next to an ATM machine he was obviously was some companies money as it turned out it was left by an armour truck was in all $20 & $100's...this happened yesterday...he brought it into the bank and said "I think you dropped this outside" to the teller. So...really now...what would YOU do?

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    For conscience sake, turn it in...
    It's a question of conscience & how badly you needed $70k.
    It would be tempting but I think the vast majority of people would do the right thing if they thought it through.How could you say for certain that the poor bloody armoured truck driver would not be forced to pay it back out of his own salary? And how would that make you feel? I think I would be handing it in.
    the same
    off to los vegas.... just kidding the money would be great sure.. but icouldn't live with myself knowing it wasn't mine although i did not steal it .it would still be the same by not turning it in.. yes i would turn it in..
    ShiiiiT, what do you think I would have done? I would have broken my back draggin it back to my car.
    Personally what would I do?? ... I'd take it home and listen to the news ... if it was not an individual but a company ... damn it...I would keep it! ... and obviously spend wisely ... and slowly ... the armour truck company would have to cut their losses and I'm sure they have some kind of insurance ... or if not ... the money they make on a daily basis for their services would obviously be enought to cover this ... as far as the guys who left it ... anyway you look at it they are fired and more than likely blacklisted for their stupidity ... don't think they would be "forced" to pay it back ... after all you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip and if these guys are working ... I'm sure they cannot possibly repay this to the company just to keep their jobs.

    Ever make a mistake Ole Hipster?
    I hope if you ever do some one has the compassion & consideration that you are expressing.
    I s'pose at least you are being honest about it.:)
    I'd turn it in. Nothing is free. We have to work for what we get or at least invest something to get something in return. God doesn't just drop money on our heads.

    I needed a little extra cash today and didn't feel like going all the way to my bank which was opposite of the direction I needed to go in. This limited my shopping in my mind (I like to pay cash when shopping) but I was willing to accept that. I figured if I was due anything good, it would come to me. I stopped and bought a $5 scratch ticket and won $500. Problem solved and I was able to get everything on my list and then some. Good karma built up in the spiritual bank is always nice to have. :)

    Wow, way to go, Colleen! Want my bank number? ;-)

    Your karma bank or your money bank? LOL I can send some cash to your money bank but only you can fill your karma bank ;)
    Charity begins at home.
    God loves those who help themselves.
    A penny saved is a penny earned.
    There’s no place like home.
    If I only had a brain.
    ok. I’d Keep the money.
    I actually had a similar thing happen, we were walking across a parking lot and my daughter about 12 at the time found a bag and picked it up and it had what looked like payroll checks in it, not quite the same as cash, we took it into the store that the name on the checks had on them and ask if they had lost something, she called the manager and he took it looked at them look stunned and walked away, not even a thanks.
    I wouldn't bother picking it up. Anything that looks lighter than 100K isn't worth the effort.
    Tempting question
    Wow, Bravo to him! It must have been tempting if that happened to me. But I believe I would do the same as my morals have always won over my temptations of wrong doings.
    I will keep a few bucks :D than hand it in. and if they asked for the missing money, i'd say 'Don't know what your talking about' . they should be thankful i didn't steal everything or left it there for someone else to do so. see, i'm very generous :D

    Nothing like a compromise Eh?I like it:)
    If I was broke and starving, I think I would do what ole hipster would do. God did say he would shake the coffers from the rich to give to the poor.
    Your question relating to a hypothetical situation may get a huge number of answer most of which will not be worth reading.

    Then please, do not read them :)
    ed shank

    It's just a question, a little head game. Tells you who's house not to drop money near.

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