Can anyone come up with a legal MECHANIC CONTRACT?

    For someone trying to start an auto and semi-truck repair service.
    For the work done and agreed to.

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    My son has quit his job working as head mechanic of a local trucking company and is starting his own business.

    So far a handshake type deal with people he knows.

    I'm telling him that he need a written agreement to avoid problems, even with people he knows because if they can stick you with a few hundred dollars they will.

    Can anyone here give some advice.
    ed shank

    Randy I commented below, excuse my stupidity.
    I looked up contracts online and made my own out of the samples that I read. I took the things that I liked and put them into my own, and left out the stuff I didn't like.
    Headless Man

    I'm doing that now, thanks

    No problem
    Talk with a few owners that has a well crafted auto repair or trucking company in your area that can give you some advice.
    Headless Man

    That may be the simple way to go, thanks.

    Anytime! Wish your son the best of success with his new business.
    why not just go to a local garage and see if you cant get a copy of an invoice they use.maybe under the pretence of needing a tune up or anything at that matter.. im sure in todays world they must have the printers name on it somewhere, every company out there loves to promote themselves!
    Headless Man

    I will, thanks.
    money certainly does change ones attitude.. we have all been stiffed out of money. a simple written contract with a written estimate is the only way to go. im sure its not hard to find at any local printers.. they must make u them more often than not,
    Headless Man

    Local printers not the problem, having something to print is what I want.
    A "Mechanics Lean" does not exist. I'm in court now for $8,000.00 of work done, and the MF came here with police and took his car. Nothing I could do legally.
    Headless Man

    Ed, I have another son that bought a car from a used car lot that went out of business soon after, the car broke down, he found the used car owner and ask him what he would do.
    He told him to take it to this repair shop and see what they could do, he did and they ended up taking his car, ran up a bill he couldn't pay and charged $20 a day storage, he lost the car and his credit rating.
    I told him to tell the cops about it and see what they could do and they said nothing.

    My bagg...
    ed shank

    Randy, I'm In Northeast Pennsylvania. I'm a bit confused. Do you need an Agreement for work done to a customers vehicle, or an Agreement between the owner an employees who work on an Hourly/commission basis? The latter is how many dealers operate. My son is an ASE certified mechanic, and a portion of his monies comes from commission.
    Headless Man

    Actuality I need both, he only has family working with him now but will need more soon if this does as well as expected.
    Also needs a customers agreement to protect him as he works on customers vehicles.
    ed shank

    Let me look into this.
    ed shank

    Randy, Let me share this with you, all of my customers are given an exact amount in writing for the services and parts that I will provide. If I'm only in possession of an engine the owner basically has no proof that the unit is his. Once I drop the Engine into the frame it's a vehicle, and as I mentioned before, I had no option other to release the vehicle to the owner with the police present regardless of what he owed me. I am currently waiting to go to court on this matter. He will lose, as I have a signed contract with him for services rendered. I have met my contractual obligation. Your son could have legally done the same thing that was done to me and than deal with it in a court.

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