foundation for a tile patio

    What kind of foundation is needed fora 24feet by 5.5feet tile patio?

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    Site Preparation
    Measure the dimensions of your patio and mark the corners by pounding garden stakes into the ground with the rubber mallet. String the cotton string between the garden stakes to mark the edges of the patio. You can ensure that your patio is perfectly rectangular by measuring diagonally from one corner to the other across your patio site. Each diagonal should measure identically if your rectangular patio is laid out correctly.

    Cut the sod by inserting the flat garden spade into the ground down to the depth of your foundation. Remove the sod down to this depth using your shovel.

    Soak the foundation of this trench with a garden hose and tamp the ground flat with a tamping tool.

    Evaluate that the ground is flat by, placing the plywood sheet on the ground and measure with a carpenter's level.

    Cover the ground of your patio trench with landscape sheeting to form a weed barrier.

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