How did regional differences affect the development of society in the United States after america had their independence.

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    "The differences in cultures between the established (Native Americans) & the (Europeans) caused hostilities not to mention the diseases which afflicted the indigenous (Native Americans) by way of the (Europeans)."

    Actually The Civil War began because the South wanted to break away from the North.  The South was the place where the vast majority of trade materials (food cotton...) were made/grown and traded abroad.  The $ was split between all of the states.  Slavery quickly came into the picture because, not only was it horrific, but without them the South wouldn't be rich enough to be on it's own.  Thank God the North won!

    That information is surely itemized in titled sections of the history book you were supposed to have been reading all year.  


    Read? The txt book??? LOL!!!! ...and I think we both know why we are afraid of what will happen when this young generation become leaders!

    Have you figured out the answer now that 11 months have passed? Hope so...........

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