Why is my cat constantlly meowing?

    Her kittens are 6 weeks 1 has already found a home. We still have 1. She is not nursing them anymore... Could her teets be hurting her? What do I do to help her?

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    First of all I would take her to the vet just to rule out any medical things. are her nipples sore and milk has not dried up properly, she could be missing her kittens as they really should not go before 8 weeks you dont say what age she is! she could have early demention and belive it or not we have had few cats who have had demention and they constanly meow there is really nothing you can do if she gets the all clear from the vets I know if she were spade she would definatly calm down good luck and paws rule ok

    SHe is about three.. She was a stray... Vet told us she was in good health .. but never really answer the meowing question. It has been a couple weeks since her kittens were places with new families.. She is doing better.
    When I got a young male cat some years ago, it meowed any time it was not held or fed or attended to. In desperation I got a squirt gun and shot the cat with water overtime it meowed until it stopped. It took weeks for the cat to stop its relentless behavior but finally it stopped meowing vocally and rather mouthed the meow. This silent meow behavior continues to this day, 10 years later.
    Maybe looking for her kitten, ihave heard cats are the best mothers god luv her.
    Yes, I agree with six dogs, I was watching a show on NATGEO, and a lioness that lost it's cub was calling for it for weeks. They said it is a form of grief, I'm sure it will gradually become less frequent in time...
    She is looking for the missing kitten. She'll get over it after a while but right now she misses it.
    my female cat went into heat just a couple weeks after her kids ere gone. she stayed pregnant. made all that yowling till she got pregnant. calmed down after she was fixed. got friendlier to other people too.

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