Does a mixture of Brandy and Port wine help to stop Diarroea

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    I had heard as a kid that 'Blackberry wine' will take care of that. I think there's some truth in it because all the old-timers swore by it.. Today we have so many over the counter drugs that many of the old cures went by the wayside and forgotten.

    Like: On cold mornings, put cayenne pepper in your shoes, it will keep you warm all day.." Also works to keep squirrels out of your flower pots..
    I don't know about that one. When I lived in Asia some years ago, my brother-in-law, who is a doctor, told me to drink black coffee. It does work. Just drink it whenever you get the urge to go to the toilet. This will not cure it, it will give you some relief until you get to a doctor.
    I don't know about the brandy and port. I do know that either not eating anything and taking in only clear liquids until it stops will help, or taking something that will bind you up like the BRATS diet will help.
    go on the B.R.A.T.S diet. bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, saltines. just one choice usually works. my personal fave is bananas. works like a charm.

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