My cat has been urinating in the corner on our carpet for some time. We pulled back the carpet cut our the section of padding and soaked both carpet and flooring with "Natures Miricle. Odor still lingers, Help!

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    Yea I know how you feel the smell is gross the only remeady I use is wash with biological washing powder and bicarb of soda and white vinigar" the biological washing powder is to kill the protien in the cats urine and the bicarb is to nuetralize the smell and also the white vinigar" mix all these lovely ingriedents up and put it on the offending area and leave as long as possible then rinse off with warm water never put down smell stuff to cover the area as this will encourage the cat to mark it again as they do not like smelly stuff good luck mel
    If I were you I would go right to the source of the odor. If you have tried all the de-smeller things on the market - you probably would be better off just pulling up the carpet and pad. It will get rid of any left over odor. If it's been soaking up urine for a long time, there is no amount of cleaner that will totally get rid of the smell. The flooring can be cleaned with bleach if need be, but the carpet needs to go. You didn't mention what type of flooring you have, obviously if it's hard wood you don't want to rip it up but if it's subflooring you might consider taking it up too and replacing it.

    You need to find out why the cat is urinating there instead of in it's litter pan or outside. It could be a medical issue or a psychological issue. In any case cats always go back to where they can smell the urine from before. You could always put the litter pan in the corner and try to retrain the cat to use the pan instead of the floor.

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    get rid of the carpet. That's what I did . Or, spray carpet cleaning spray or shaving cream on that section of the carpet and scrub it with a long-handled brush. I did that too, on another carpet that had a different fabric. That worked pretty well.
    Odor ban works great also. Just house broke a new puppy. She marked a few spots on the carpet, vet told us to use odor ban. It worked like a charm. You can get it at Home Depot.
    spray some fabreeze on ur carpets

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