spirits activitiy

    Has anyone noticed a increase of spirit activity recently ??? and if you have what was your experiences ??

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    i f****d with a demon once, it was so hot !!!

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    LIVING is the activity of LIFE, in the matter or material world as LIFE/SPIRIT journey's through the man phase of it. Life is Everlasting, death only resides in the living of it. Death is simply awaking from the dream of the body and the world. For all things that end are but a dream. ;)

    Apologies, Trish, if you were offended. Maybe I did "go over the top" for some, it was a good question. For myself paranormal/supernatural things in that contex, are of little interest anymore as I am no longer astounded by them, for thay have become, everyday, and common in and through men. Take for what it is worth, I do not ask or expect anyone to believe any thing I offer only to think. Thought I would share a little more substance to exercise recepitive minds. I am simply an observer, of the Miracle of it all. :)

    . . . this is the activity of Spirit everyday through everyman.

    Although I know you refering to paranormal, supernatural things, the fascination of the masses, what is even more astounding is the activity of "THE SPIRIT of SPIRITS" for it is the power of creation by THOUGHT. For the only power Spirit has in the material world is THINKING; Thinking is creative it is the activity of thought, therefore Spirit is creative before mens worldly eyes, in ignorance, chaos the sorrows, with understanding, happiness and joy. Every ones condition in this mortal life, is the result of thought up to the very moment or present, if one is happy one is doing ones creating right; if un happy one must change ones attitude, then a whole new set of of circumstances will evolve, emerging in Victory and Joy, having overcome ones own darkness (ignorance of power). Thus seeing the world in a whole new light dispite the Chaos.

    Trisha Richardson

    did you actually read the question ?

    Trisha Richardson

    i wasn't asking about the living lol ?

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