love are we all entitled to it and can we expect it

    love are we all entitled to it and can we expect it or is it just chance that love comes to us and is it just a fleeting moment or is it continuous ???

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    Certaintly when you find it in yourself, not as men say love byt Spirit, it will fly to you>

    No no ones born entitled to anything,in life you have to earn these things not expect it to happen,respect,trust and love are get back what you put in

    Trisha Richardson

    i am a believer in karma and know from experience what goes round comes round 3 fold good or bad so i do try to be and do as i would want others to treat and do to me and my decisions are based on to do for the highest good not just for me for those around me too not always easy, but in the knowledge some good will come from it i do try x

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