what is the ruling on base running when a home run is hit and the home run hitter passes the first base runner while before going to second but gets back into position before reaching second base?

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    The unofficial ruling is two-fold:

    1. The baserunner needs to put it into 2nd gear

    2. The home run hitter needs to dial it down a little 



    If a batted ball hits the foul pole (orange pole on the right), the ball is fair and a home run is awarded to the batter

    A home run accomplished in any of the above manners is an automatic home run. The ball is considered dead, and the batter and any preceding runners cannot be put out at any time while running the bases. However, if one or more runners fail to touch a base or one runner passes another before reaching home plate, that runner or runners can be called out on appeal, though in the case of not touching a base a runner can go back and touch it if doing so won't cause them to be passed by another preceding runner and they have not yet touched the next base (or home plate in the case of missing third base). This stipulation is in Approved Ruling (2) of Rule 7.10(b).[3]     Best answer i could find my friends,considering i know nothing about baseball,,,Gimme cricket anytime..>>>>>>><<<<<<..

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    This is pretty common knowledge for most who have any interest in baseball. It doesn't really address the question, though.
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    I would not have a clue Bob,,but it does mention one runner passing another as being wrong,,so i will let those who know pick the eyes out of..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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