I need to buy a gift, could someone please recommend a nice smelling ladies perfume ?

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    Nothing too cheap, with a nice clean fragrance, something like $50 dollar range to $150 dollar range.

    Also, try the perfume gift sets, the body lotion and bath shower gel :-)

    Thanks so much Pamela,going shopping tomorrow.

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    I know its expsensive buts its really worth it "chenelle N0 5" its smells fab and its last as you only need a drop and I dont think it matters what age you are its time less good luck in what you pick mel
    RED DOOR by Elizabeth Arden is very nice.
    Burberry Perfume for Women
    I thought you were a cool water fan.... I am going with an Ed hardy this summer... I tend to look for the essence of the purfume.. I need to have a very natural top note.

    Hello Jenn, Ed Hardy really smells good, my wife sampled some the other day. Thanks for your input.
    Estee Lauder "Youth Dew"
    Beautiful by Estee Lauder
    Thank everyone for answering my question, you all have been VERY helpful. I have a good variety to choose from. Again thank you all.
    I'd go with the all time favorite....Chanel #5...can't get much better that that Spaceghost just as melandrupert states,

    Thanks ole hipster, I will check that out tomorrow when I go shopping.
    Find enclosed link to view Ghost purfume. Hope post is of help - Let me know.

    Thank you very much Maz, your post was very helpful.Product Details
    Ghost The Fragrance For Women Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml by Ghost (Personal Care)
    My wife likes Ghost.
    country bumpkin

    Is this really a name of a perfume?

    Yes really.

    Thanks Maz, for the info. I thought you were joking about a perfume named Ghost. I'll check on that today. It's only fitting that Spaceghost buys a perfume named Ghost. Thumbs Up for you friend.
    passion for women,by elizabeth taylor.also i recall one called "charlie"

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