How many people here are adopted ? Do you know who your birth parents are? Do you want to know?

    I am, not sure i want to know, Its a puzzling question ive always been asking myself.

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    Never met my Bio father. I think about it everyday. 48 years is a long time to dwell on something.

    I'm sorry, ed. I hope you will meet him someday.
    ed shank

    Hope he went to heaven. Tracked him to Austria some years ago, should have left well enough alone. He died a little while ago.
    damn ed, you and i might be related.
    ed shank

    Stranger things have happened. I found out I have three sisters. That was also a waste of time.
    I am adopted and want to know who my birth parents are. I was born in southern ireland but came to England as a baby.
    ed shank

    Appreciate your adopted family. Finding your bio parent may not be what you expect, the pain of rejection is much worst than not knowing.

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