Who would you vote for if the election was today....

    Republican candidate:

    Mitt Romney

    Democrat candidate:

    Barack Obama


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    Headless Man

    I cut the list down to the only candidates left...........

    Wow, you sure got a lot of karma by posting to your question over and over. Multi-dipping for karma huh? I should have caught this sooner. This is cheating in a big way. You received 3600 karma because of all your postings to your own question. Do you really think this is fair? This does not even include the 165 karma you got just for asking the question.

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    Headless Man

    Do it Colleen like I care..... was just trying to get the opinion of how people felt.....

    We do not do that in the way you did it. You know better. You're one of the original members. I'm not surprised you do not care. Your world is all about you and that's it. Sad way to be. You should find God. He can do a lot for you.
    Headless Man

    You are so wrong it's funny, cut the karma, I really don't care.....

    What you will truly not find funny is being suspended for doing something I've told you not to do. DO NOT post to your own questions. People giving you karma for 40+ replies to your own question is not against the rules. Posting 40+ times to your own question is. It defeats the purpose of the karma system for a member to receive 3600+ karma just for listing a bunch of names. Use the blue area for that. Do not post as a new answer to your own question. Do not post to your own question again by using the add a new answer box. I removed the new answer you just posted yet again to this thread.
    Headless Man

    If you change the question and want the response you have to put it in the answer area to get it noticed. That's the only reason I did and I ask for no karma.....

    You were posting out candidates names one at a time, each as a new answer. There was no call for that. People find questions by category. Had you put this in the proper category, people who cared would find it.

    Asking for no karma does not stop people who do not read what they vote up. A year later, start a new question even though the same question has been asked countless times here already. At this point, there are two choices. It's not really even a discussion anymore.

    30 Answers

    Sometimes I really wonder ... what good are any of them ... after all they are still politicians and we seem to have a history of them not fulfilling their promises.


    my mother... i dont see any other canidates worthy of my vote..

    Can we pick two or three, maybe together they would be better.
    Headless Man

    This is still a free site, pick as many as you want, but only one can run.
    I would go with Ron Paul Check him out. Seems down to earth straight talker, But just doesn't have the funds to compete.

    I don't see a candidate yet.

    Keith Richards. As long as he maintained his heroin habit.


    I’m with you Ed. The field is not exactly filled with folk who I know and respect enough to vote for. With Barack Obama in office and the republicans looking like fourth quarter Bush republicans poised to bring in economic dooms day, I think Obama may be the best one to go for a second term. The loudest nay sayers are the same ones who thought saving the bank was a bad idea before the bailout became necessary. We would be in a deep depression along with Europe were it not for capitol injections. Of course the banks choose the more scandalous path of letting the housing market collapse which is depressing our economy now.
    Hey Randy, you forget Sara Palin on your list, but then again ... .. Who is she ?
    Headless Man

    I didn't forget her, she's not a declared candidate yet.

    Yeah you're right. Sorry

    Sarah Palin lost me when she killed that beautiful animal....that Caroibou. And then, she acted so proud of it. .....Held up it's dead head by the antlers. Disgusting

    That's Sarah, mycatsmom, that is Sarah Palin the woman who can see Russia from her back yard ..... !!!!

    Mycatsmom-- Ok, let me get this straight, You won't vote for Palin because she is an outdoors person and hunts cute animals..? Is this your ONLY reason, as you say, she lost you when she shot a Caribou?? Your political stance is based on THAT?? LOL Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't vote for her either but my reasons are strictly political ones-- I don't make fun of her though.. She's smarter than I am.. So is Obama but I won't vote for him because he smokes those nasty cigarettes.. HA!!! That is basically the same thing, you won't vote for her because she likes to hunt, (perfectly legal too) And I won't vote for Obama because he smokes!! (also legal but more under attack than hunting..)
    not obama for sure............probably colleen for pres.and 6 dogs4us for vice pres.or the other way around..

    That sounds good to me too!

    we could form a new political party.....simply called "the americans"
    What are we voting for??
    Headless Man

    The next leader of the USA, so we can get out of this hole we got ourselves into.

    We have declared candidates? Isn't it eerie that we are just over a year away from election day and we're seeing nothing at all by way of ads? I guess even the politicians are counting pennies in this crap economy. No one can afford the TV ads.
    I'm in California, I don't have a choice.. Well not one that counts anyway..

    same here :(
    Why did you leave out Michele Bachman?
    Headless Man

    I will ad her later, she was late getting

    I figured you just missed one and wanted to let you know.
    Your a republician Figures
    Tim Pawlenty!!!
    i think i do like newt gingrich...

    i beleive hes moraly upright above all the other canidates

    Can't stand him either
    Who the hell is Terry Randall ? .....Tony Randall's son ? LOL
    I never heard of most of these candidates. Just like when jimmy Carter popped up out of nowhere,,, so did Obama.
    I've voted for democrats, and I've voted for Repubs. Last elec , I voted for Obama. The time before that ---John Kerry, even tho he lied about his name and his religion.
    This time around, I will vote for a repub----hope it's Mitt Romney, or Ron Paul. Both of them are way more honest adn forth right than any president we've had since Eisenhuaer.!!
    Mitt Romney's father was running Chrysler in the 60s and became our governor in Mich. He was a good gov.
    I will go with the current president Obama I mean after all look what in the world the man inherited when he came into office The republician party had just about destroyed the economy of this country. Old Geo. Bush and little George are out hobnobbing with Crown prince Aukmed Of the royal Saudi family you really think they give a hoot in valley. They done made theirs many times over
    Headless Man

    I'm not even going to try to argue with you, if all that was true Obama has made it ten times worse not a bit better, are you blind.
    I won't be to surprised if a democrat runs against him.

    Yea Randy!

    Obama is kissing butt with with socialists. I don't agree with socialism. He can leave now.
    ed shank

    Randy your right. They keep beating a dead horse. Obama refuses to accept his role in this depression. Bush left us with a mess, but we're in so much deeper shit now and he just don't get it.

    The thing about Obama that I don't like is well, pretty much everything. But seriously he says one thing and does another.

    He says that he's for a good source of cheap energy, yet imposes more regulations on the coal burning electrical plants. Until we have something to replace coal, or cleaner coal technology, you shouldn't be closing down electrical plants.

    There are so many issues that he says one thing with his mouth and does another with his actions.

    I am not sure yet, but if hair is any indication, .......Oh well, you get the point.


    Headless Man

    O NO.......

    A woman - they honesty are better at multi tasking & tend to stand by thier word better than often power crazy men. Sorry lads!
    Headless Man

    What women do you associate

    So far Herman Cain has now reached the top of my list.  He is giving solutions to what  ail's us,

    not hope and change  and yes we can.......(empty words)

    Headless Man

    Yea, I like him.

    Randy did you mean me or Herman, HAHAHA!

    After extensive reasearch, I have come to the conclusion that Ron Paul s the only one who can make a difference in our country. Unfortunately our country is run by  elites who always get theire way and will make sure he does not win the election. Its a real shame that there is so much corruption in politics.

    P.S. Can't stand Newt Gingrich
    Headless Man

    Don't care who you don't like, who would you vote for?

    Ron Paul


    Mitt Romney

    USA or UK they all inherited so much mess - I cannot see the difference in any at present only common denominator seems to be power and duplicity. Listen to the News and you think just give us the facts not all the dare I say it. Bring all troups back from everywhere.   

    Headless Man

    If you bring the troops back, you better build up the defense because trouble will be right behind them.

    Yeap I guess so but hate all this warfare - Would NIxon or Bush go themselves - unrealistic I suppose. Nobody has answered my question about the War Dogs left behind by the USA government out of 4000 who helped the troops in Vietnam only 200 made it home.

    Gov Perry


    OK, I no longer like you ;(
    Your only savings grace will be if you say you do not support the illegal alien known as Obama. ;)
    jack ketch

    I hate Obama and I also like Mit Romney
    Headless Man

    What's wrong with Perry?
    A persons religion is not supposed to matter.

    Obama's Muslim religion could affect us if he gets his way.

    Obama for president.

    Headless Man

    You die hard

    Obama, For President


    It's not happening. He is president and failing miserably. Unemployment is still over 8% and Obama is out there begging money from poor people to keep his campaign running. His wife and kids just got back from their 16th vacation at the expense of the tax payers, 1 million dollars this time. It's time to get the leeches out of the White House.

    Randy, could you comment your question explaining what you tried to accomplish, seriously...

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