Why do politicians avoid the illegal immigration issue that is crippling our Nation?

    Crime, illegal housing, litter, over crowded schools, emergency room abuse, refusal to speak English and refusal conform to the American way, all on your tax dollar. does anyone care?

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    Politicians, don't care as long as they draw their big fat salaries. I think their salaries should be based on performance. In Australia, they are going to fill us with half of India and china. The politicians want more people and more votes. They are not listening to the people. It's mainly big business who is behind the larger population push.
    In Australia, we are unable to support a large population because we don't have enough water and places to live. We all live along the coastline. The middle of Australia is desert. It rarely rains there.

    I was under the impression that Australia kept immigration under control. Strict requirements kept the low lifes out of this great nation. Is this true or false?

    Haa, haa, haa. It's a joke. The refugees are ooming in by air and boat. The Government have lost control. The refugees make demands and the government bends over backwards until their heads hit the ground. The refugees, burn down their quarters, so the government puts them in luxury hotels. If the United Nations squeek, our government bends low with hands folded. There are plenty of legal, low-lifes entering all the time.
    Immigration does cost this country a lot, but to say that issue is crippling the country, I wouldn't go that far. It does have to be dealt with eventually. Not by this administration though.
    Simply the Government and the individual States are broke They do not have the means to deal with it.

    I would volunteer my labor, I'm sure if the government(State or Central) asked there would be quite a few people that would donate their time.

    You have a good point Ann.
    I have to agree with you the border fence, illegal aliens, and the economy are all connected and should be the biggest issues on the table this coming election.

    In order to get politicians to act and not just talk the only power we have is to vote them our, write our congressman, or get involved and organized to do something. I will support anyone who would be willing to make a website or organization that faces these issues. I live in S.FL and it is a very divers community, the sheriff's office sometimes will put up road blocks, checking peoples licenses. I think this is a good start.
    great question sorry i dont have agreat anawer...its not like they cant stop this issue.. its more like do they want to..are the mexican drug cartels that powerfull , that perhaps one in ten ailens is smugguling drugs or is it the boarder guards fear for their guess is its not a finicial priority in congress!1
    I agree with Ann, the illegal immigration issue is so large that it would take all the time and effort of the entire government to address the issue. They don't have the money or the manpower to tackle it.
    I have a different view. Politicians know illegal residents in US are growing and take part in troubles here. But, the illegal residents contribute for the US in many positive ways also.

    I could say that if they all stop working, the economy in US basically stops. For example, there would be no factory workers and no workers in service sector. The labor department will be out of workforce. The low class labor and labor centered private,independent businesses will be short of hands. The companies will go abroad seeking lower labor costs which already is the problem in US economy. The labor cost of the small businesses will sky rocket, thus it will result in higher costs for the customers.

    The illegal residents who work hard pay their taxes. Even though some don't pay taxes, they spend money here. Some have their own business. They live as normal as legal residents in US, just without a permission to live legally. They are not aliens. They are just like your neighbors. The problem ones also exist. When they commit crimes, it becomes a social issue, make headlines, because they are illegal residents. We have plenty of criminals who are legal residents of US.

    I would think it is a dilemma for the US government to prevent illegal immigration. Politicians use the issue as they are comfortable and for political reasons. We surely must protect our boarders, and also there should be radical approach to illegal residents in our country.

    Disclosure; I am a US citizen and have no benefits from or relations to the illegal residents. ;-)

    This continues to be an avoided issue in the race for the White House.  Is it that our candidates are afraid to lose votes or is this issue beyond correction?


    I brought my son to the ball field at a local park this weekend. It was nearly impossible to find someone that spoke the English language. The Hispanic Community had taken over the park. Every grill, volley ball court and ball field was consumed by a group of illegals who do not pay taxes. Oh! The place was a disgrace. Trash overflowing, loud music, overcrowding and excessive drinking. America the Beautiful!

    It is a topic that has many potential voters on either side of the issue, and they fear getting buried in the subject.

    Does anyone care about this dibilitating issue?  Is it too late to correct? Is there a politician in the US that will tackle this issue?  Unfortunately, I think this situation is beyond repair.  What a shame?

    One more thing, like shooter and others brought up. It's all about the votes. If they take one side they may be loosing quite a few votes. That's why we say as sometimes an insult, you answered like a politician. Lol.

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