there are song clues in the following...can anyone tell me what they are?Next morning I woke up to big noise of somebody knocking at the door. It was red-headed woman:"Hey man, wake up, The Raven is thirsty and needs his tequila, so waste no time but move on. "OK, ok, oh lawd, I'm on my way ...Drove to the airport and took the first flight. After landing I felt better, arriving from winter to summertime, nice sunny weather.

    But was no time to enjoy the sunshin, the train is at de station. I rushed to the cashier, but was long que. Finally had my ticket in my hand, so hurried to the platform and realised with horror: Gone, gone, gone! Oh, no!!!!
    I am sick and tired. Oh, I can't sit down, there's a boat that's leaving soon. The sailing was terrible, the boat was sliding up and down on the big waves of the river. I were a kind a sea-scik. Three days had to survive, no food, just drinks (no, no tequila, only some wiskey), lost some weight, but finally arrived. It take a long pull to get there, but finally I was there. Went to the pub, this shall be my judgement day. And guess, what I found there?
    Yes, my Tequila.

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    Tequila Tells by Eddy Raven

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