What is your opinion on assited suiicide?

    What is your opinion on assisted suicide?

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    Because of the family of the suffering person, along with the patient themselves. These people deserve their right to dignity and quality of life. People also deserve the choice of whether or not they want to live, they can decide whether or not they want medical treatment. Isn't physician assisted suicide a type of medical treatment? Physicians have an obligation to keep the patients dignity and give them a quality of life, but what about when the patient has a terminal illness? Then what's considered quality of life. On the other side there are arguments as to why it's not ethical. One of which is the reasoning that physician assisted suicide is demeaning to someone's life. The act of killing one's self is demeaning to that person and the people who surround that person. It will be hard for the family to cope with that fact that the person killed themself. One more reason is because many people think that it is done just to stop racking up medical bills on someone who is terminally ill.

    by Logan Goodman
    Headless Man

    If the person is in pain and ask for medicine to make them comfortable that's their choice and fine, but if someone makes the choice without their consent it's not fine.

    A thin line but one that shouldn't be crossed.

    Hopefully it's done with consent, otherwise it would be deemed as murder!
    I have to ask why it is alright to be humane and have our much loved pets put down when they are suffering but yet it is not humane or right to want the same for ourselves. It would have to be the decision of the one suffering to let go but I just can't justify the horrible suffering some have to go through.It is against what the bible teaches but I can't imagine God turning away from us knowing the awful ending ahead. I suppose if it were made legal there would be those who would abuse the right. It is such a personal decision.
    Same as murder....
    If it is assisted then it is technically not suicide. The words we use have a way of changing how we look at things.
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