i have just had back surgery.. i have been taking two tablets per day of matamucil. the constipation caused by pain and pain pills is severe and i am looking for a sollution. Would taking more metamucil help and what would you recommend. CAN METAMUCIL BE TAKE N WITH OTHER MEDICATION. my problem is severe and in need of immediate. attention

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    nlnnet is right. I do have a little advice though. When I was pregnant i really wanted to make sure I was cleaned out before giving birth so I bought prune juice and prunes. within eight hours of drinking and eating as much as I could not only was I in labour but I had successfully cleaned my pipes(a little crude but it works)

    Hi mom, I wonder if it made your labor and delivery easier :-)

    Not sure about making it easier but I made it happen within 8 hours each time.
    sunsweet prune juice works very well it seems to work in the morning this will purge you so watch out I have been constipated all my life and this is the only thing that works for me try a small glass first and wait for 20 min or so you will go and wow do you feel better good luck Ps take the air freshener with you lol
    I've had this problem with my back and have been taking meds too. What works for me is yogurt, fiber, lots of water, and coffee in the morning. Unless you want to get into taking medication, that you will have to ask your doctor about, prune juice will also loosen up things very well. Hope this helps...
    Senna is natural and a great laxative. Works fast and no cramps.
    Drink water water water... However, if it has been a while since your last BM, you need to have it checked out.. you could very well be impacted...
    Best is to ask your MD
    Flaxseed is high in fiber and it's good for you too. You can get it in GNC, The Vitamin Shop, or any health food store and it's pretty cheap ( I think I paid about $6 or $7 for a 160z. container). You can sprinkle it on most anything or put it in beverages.

    Flaxseed is very good.
    I've had back surgery too and have to take pain pills that constipate me. I take cascara sagrada (an herb). It really helps me, but check with your doc first.
    Try eating Granola cereal and / or Raison Bran Cereal....or some kind of whole grains cereal. I'll guarantee you that you'll have a soft, smooth, movement.And , yes, drink a lot of water. Try prune juice too. That'll work.

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