How many people out there look at all the questions, but rarely or never answer them?

    Don't be shy, step up and tell us who you are.

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    I dont even open technical questions.. Way above my head... But electrical and mechanic questions I can handle... Life and opinion questions are fun.. I always have an opinion. Health question I dabble into ( I was in Nursing school for 2 years).... ANd I will look up fact questions if I dont know the answer. Have I told yoiu I love this site and the friends I have made here?

    I guess you just answered for me too.

    And for me as well.
    I look at the most when I'm here but most make no sense, so I search for a topic I have knowledge in then come to answered questions.
    I glance at a lot but good ones are far and few between. If I see one that needs a funny answer I go for it

    You are one of my favorites that I look for every day. I also look for the good questions and am sadly disappointed so often. I always have lots of vote-ups and pass them out liberally though.

    WoW thanks ...I say it backwards..WoW
    Chances are that most of those people are not going to answer this question either, unfortunately. I also don't answer most of the tech questions because my knowledge on the subject is limited. I prefer questions about people's personal issues, fun questions, and nonsensical questions that I can give a silly answer to.
    ill answer any philisophical type and real life questions, the technical ones like" how come my i pod e-16 wont down load to an x j red16.. i by pass .thats not my fortay...

    I know daren, you are always there with a funny line or two. Look forward to your answers.
    I am not a Computer technician, Mechanic, Repairman or a Lawyer. I can not answer any of these Questions. I leave it up to other people on this site. I only answer Questions that I am comfortable with. However I get carried away with questions about government and politics. I cannot help myself.
    I may answer 30% of the question I look at. I would like to see stats on that. Some questions are enticing but irresponsible to answer knowingly. So I make a joke.The question is more important than the answer because a good question can keep interest up for several days and re-emerge receptively. I would like to see a list of the longest running questions.
    Tech stuff, No. Life situations, yes. Offensive questions, yes. Just to rat them out.
    I see you are hoping that THIS will be their first answer!

    As you already know, you are one of favorites to follow around and give a TU to.

    ;-) I see we have the regular gang answering...

    Yes, but that's not what I was hoping for!

    It is however what I expected!
    I answer a lot more than I post, then read them over before hitting the "Post an Answer" button and think, that's a stupid answer, then erase it/them. :o)
    hmm...that's a good question! Maybe, Colleen knows?
    I try to answer the questions I know first, and then the ones that interest me, I will look up. But mostly I love reading the answers' when everyone can give their personal opinion. When there is no right or wrong answer's. I've noticed those questions seem to get the most answers. I really find those the most interesting. Sometime I'll go back and read the old stuff, just because they are interesting.
    Just look at the view count on all the questions. Especially when they're on the unanswered side. That will give you and idea of how many wallflowers we have here.
    I like to answer the questions with a good ol common sense answer,wich is easier enough to do.But the ones that i put in the too hard basket, are 9 times out of 10 answered by some really intelligent people on this site.Keep up the good work that you do.
    I like to check out the labels and see what I would like to answer

    There interesting

    I answer most questions, but not racial, political, and not  many religious questions. I answer serious questions most of the time with the best possible answer, I try to be helpful. I'll joke on some questions, got to have some humor. What I DON'T LIKE is someone jumping down my throat for no reason at ALL or just trying to pick a fight because they have had a bad day. I'm NOT the arguing type and will not stoop that low to argue, and it's a few on this site that tries to push my buttons but YOU'RE just wasting your time. I'm a peaceful person and I DON'T LIKED to be jumped on for anyone's pleasure. That is one reason I DON'T ask or answer to many questions, some of the ppl need to act like they have SOME intelligence and stop taking their frustrations on sincere people.

    I try to ans as many as I can, because I'm not a very good at fast reading,and get bore easily.I haft to force myself,so I try anyway
    knowing that I will not be able to keep up with these master mind.
    ole hipster

    Yeah, sure...there's a lot of masterminds here! must be kidding facebook!....stay with us my friend...we need good people who keep coming back for even more abuse!!!...just ask Colleen, she knows!...LMAO

    I just answer the ones  I know  and  fancy a bit

    I don't know about anybody else who comes on this site but I do read all the questions and answer the ones that I find either endearing or needing of advice, otherwise...why come on here at all? This is not the most titillating site on the internet!....(:

    I am mostly interested in solving mathematical problems and some queries about the science.

    Friends out there, if you have any problem in mathematics, then please ask the question

    I will be always there for you to solve the problem in easier way.



    We greatly appreciate all our mathematically inclined members! Just please remember that most math problems come from kids looking for someone to do their homework for them. We have no rules against giving them the answer(s) but would prefer explaining how to get to the answer over just giving the answer ;)

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