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    Cancer is big money, I don't honestly think they will come out with a cure, it makes too much money. Think of it as a common cold but more deadly, there is no cure for the common cold simply because if they did find a cure (read 'release cure') This cure would put a major dent in pharmaceuticals and the medical field in general.. More people go to see a physician with a cold than any other sickness..

    I am a cancer survivor, The goal is not in curing it but controlling it.. I do believe that maybe someday they would have advanced studies to make cancer no more deadly than that common cold, so when that time comes, we may go to the pharmacy and get a pill..
    Ms Sinclair

    There already are doctors who have successfully treated cancer patients by using alternative medicine. They have been persecuted by the medical establishment because, as you said, there's too much money to be made by not having a cure.
    There are some holistic doctors who claim to have a natural cure for cancer. I'm just offering it as another thought for curing. I can not say what is the best cure as I've personally never had the disease.

    Here's a list of the 10 top ways to prevent BC
    Cancer is an interesting and intricate desease. More often than not it is sparked off by a change in the molecular make-up in the body which can be traceble back to shock, trauma, distress, guilt, fear - powerful emotions which manifest themselves in the areas of the body that were directly impacted by one or a few of these emotions. Hence one of the most powerful way of beating it is through clearing these areas - facing your fears, dealing with the trauma opening up past hurts and pain and coming to terms with them. This frees up positivity and a regaining of your power because ultimately we are our own healers - we just have lost the belief in our own powers.

    You are right. Stress affects the immune system and from there anything can happen. Deep breathing everyday helps to ward off stress and put more oxygen in the bloodstream and therefore avoid cancer.
    There is none. We live in a totally contaminated world and cancer will prevail. Big Bucks in cancer also, from a medical standpoint not much incentive to cure it.
    the best and unique cure in the real hards and loses cases is the faith stay eager to live and believed no matter the sircunstanses if turned worst more believed in you stay happy and smailing and suddenly happen. that you get it and done. surely in adition with the treatment and doctor care

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