How is the weather in your part of the country.

    Bad weather

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    Here in Sydney Australia...cold.
    Florida hot and muggy as usual, yesterday was in the lower 90's. California has had the best weather in the country as usual, it was in the high 60's. I sure do miss the weather there. Usually it's the best in the U.S..
    NE PA. Very hot and humid outside. I don't venture out in this stuff. I'm wearing a sweater in my office, it's 59F in here. God, do I love my air conditioner.

    I feel ya, cool breeze :-)
    Here in Los Angeles, 66 degrees!
    Almost 100 agian today... We are in a droubt. Which is hard to understand with all of this humidity. But the is GA for you.. Breath the mud.
    It was 91F here yesterday, dry as a bone. This morning it is raining a bit, thank heavens, we need it.
    98 degrees here in Southern Virginia. It's smokin, thunderstorms on the way.
    Yea i'm more scared of the lighting and tornado's.I had a little roof damage.
    We had 3 go over us.I spent most of the time in my basement.

    Had to be scary. We had one touchdown about 12 miles north of me last week. I had limbs knocked out of my trees but no damage.
    Bloody cold in Brisbane.12deg (C).
    papa peg

    That sounds pretty cool too me.It got near 100 where i live.
    Not a drop of rain here in west texas since mid october. Never seen anything like it, no mosquitos either.
    Beautiful here today is Silly-Con Valley CA. In the 70's cloudless. We've had some strange weather here this year though, we had rain up until a few days ago.. Very strange. We won't have rain again until maybe January or so.. We should have smooth sailing for weather the rest of the year.
    Hot here in upstate NY, but better than cold.
    wednsday...98, thurs...66,friday...57, michigan.
    Fri 10-06-11 - Yorkshire England - Warm 75F - Rain with thunderstorms.

    Thunderstorm has stopped here but still raining. Do need a drop of rain - has been very dry as of late.
    Northeast Ohio...6/8-hot and sunny...6/9-hot and humid,no sun.

    My uncle lives in Salem.

    Looking forward to moving to Phoenix in the next couple of years to be with father-in-law. Don't care if it's hot a hades - better than 10 feet of snow and freezing you @ss off half of the year!


    I may be moving out there in a year or two as well, we will all have to get dinner or coffee at a casino or something...
    Hot hot hot in N.Y.C. Thankfully it rained today and the temperature has gone way down.
    I live on the Ohio PA line.It's pretty hot here.

    Did you get hit with any bad weather when the tornadoes came through a month ago?

    My uncle lives in Salem.
    papa peg

    I don't live to far from Salem.
    papa peg

    I don't live to far from Salem.

    Cool, very nice there pretty quiet as well. They had chickens that kind of made it a little louder, but just a nice area in general.
    Yreka, California. just north of Mt.Shasta, 20 miles from Oregon . 75F here today. From Febuary onward the weather here has been quite pleasant. We will get some rain in the summer. We do have forest fires usually in August and pleasant fall seasons to late November. The upper third of California has very few people compared to the land area. I love the area . If you think you may like to reside hereā€¦bring work with you.
    Hot 90+
    We are finally starting to warm up and sitting at 17. This has been the worste spring everfor being cold and wet.
    Has been muggy and hot here. It's a lot cooler now. Have a loud thunderstorm with a lot of lightening passing over head right now. It actually just knocked out my power for a few minutes. Hopefully it will stay cool for tomorrow too.
    Thunderstorm on Wednesday, 9os. Lost Power for 25 hours. NH.
    i am indian but i live in's to hot here.
    Hot and very humid we are under a storm watch until 8 pm.

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